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Main characters

Picture Name Description
CoolBarbie.jpg Cool/Corporal Barbie First appearance: Cool Barbie I - Fallen from the Sky

Cool Barbie (known as Corporal Barbie from CB.V onwards) is a Barbie who enlisted in Spectrum International Police. It is unsure whether or not "Cool Barbie" is a title, nickname, or her given name - if "Cool" is her actual first name, she has never been called by it, but if it is a title it has never been explained what it means or why she has it (in the original CB.II, it is hinted that she is a former pop star - her singing at the start of CB.IV.1 backs this up - and so Cool Barbie may be a stage name which she has permanently adopted). The main and eponymous character, she is shown to be both brave and capable of defending herself. At the end of CB.VIII, she switches bodies with Moonita after the two of them interfere with a powerful magical weapon to successfully thwart Wisealise's plans, and now works with Xeaphon at NETDOF.

Bubbles.jpg Bubbles the Uranian First appearance: Cool Barbie I - Fallen from the Sky

Bubbles is an alien from Uranus who was the primary antagonist in the first three episodes. Ruthless and vengeful, he tries several times to get revenge for having his ship destroyed in the first episode. His abilities include flight, telekinesis, and being able to shoot blasts of energy from his head as a weapon. Although physically smaller than most toys, he is shown to be extremely powerful, and survives being attacked by a bullmastiff and being shot by a Dalek's death ray within the space of several seconds in CB.III. His title Champion of Uranus indicates that he is a military leader of some kind. He was imprisoned in the Cryogenic Research Prison at the end of CB.II, briefly escaping during CB.III, during which it was demonstrated that it was being locked away rather than the low temperature of the prison which restrained him. Bubbles was freed during CB.VIII and returned to Uranus, briefly returning to Earth during CB.X to ask NETDOF for help during the Scourge invasion of the Solar System.

Colin.jpg Colin First appearance: Cool Barbie II - Return of the Champion

Colin (known as Prince Colin or Regent Colin in CB.II-IV) is a member of Doll royalty. A power-hungry, scheming megalomaniac, he attempts to seize power in CB.IV by force after having his step-father King Ken II killed, having previously plotted to gain influence over the kingdom by having his mother Queen Emily kidnapped, being installed as Regent, and gaining the allegiance of the First Army and Golden Arrows. Although he temporarily installs a military dictatorship over the land and proclaims himself Emperor Colin, he is defeated by Xeaphon, Moonita, and the defection of the First Army, and exiled into the Garden along with a few loyal followers. He successfully arranges for his successor Queen Lucy to be assassinated in CB.VI, but fails in his overall goal to have Corporal Barbie also killed. He warns in that same episode that he will try again to take power, in a way "much bigger" than his uprising in CB.IV - at the end of CB.VII, some of his followers are seen celebrating the imminent arrival of "the fleet". It transpires in CB.VIII that this is the fleet of Uranus, which invades Earth giving Colin a chance to briefly take power again under Wisealise. After Wisealise's death, Colin and his followers teleport away, and in the Colin minisode they teleport to the Scourge home-planet after months on the run only to come under attack, and are presumed killed.

SergeantGrey.jpg Sergeant Grey First appearance: Cool Barbie III - Prisoners Freed (cameo appearance in CB.II)

Sergeant Grey is an Action Man who is a member of Spectrum International Police, and Corporal Barbie's immediate commanding officer. Courageous and assertive, he is good friends with Corporal Barbie. He helps fight Bubbles in CB.III (after being seen helping to man a barricade against him in CB.II in a non-credited role), and in CB.IV aids Cool Barbie and the Chancellor in attempting to thwart Colin's uprising. He accompanies Corporal Barbie to the Moon in CB.V, and calls her to the scene of Queen Lucy's assassination in CB.VI. His most recent appearance, four years after his last, was in the Colin minisode, where he leads a group of Spectrum agents tracking down Colin and his followers.

ChancellorYellowBear.png Chancellor First appearance: Cool Barbie II - Return of the Champion

The Chancellor is a teddy bear who is a member of the Doll Senate, loyal to Xeaphon. Seen to be a political opponent of Colin in CB.III, Colin attempts to have him killed in CB.IV but fails, with the Chancellor demonstrating impressive fighting skills by killing three elite soldiers, after which he calls together an Emergency Senate and leads the effort to resist Colin's coup. He also features in CB.VI helping Cool Barbie to find out who killed Queen Lucy, and in CB.VII attending the unveiling of the reverse-engineered Dalek. His most recent appearance was in the first of the 2015 minisodes, where he was shown to be with Queen Emily II when she was killed by the Troll Leader, whom he then charges at in anger before he teleports away - the Chancellor is later present at Moonita's coronation as Emily's successor, and accompanies her on a tour of the kingdom in CB.IX.

Xeaphon.png Xeaphon First appearance: Cool Barbie IV - The Uprising

Xeaphon is the main protector of the toys of the Land. Played by HIM Emperor Jonathan I, he first appears in CB.IV, playing a minor role in the introduction when helping to repel a burglar, and later fighting off Colin's second hired "giant" after being locked out of and subsequently let back into the house by the shifting loyalties of the First Army. Xeaphon holds the rank of Commander in NETDOF, and was previously an officer of the organisation's predecessor ET Defensive Force. In both CB.IV and CB.VI, it is established that he appoints the monarch of the toys - at the end of CB.VII, he helps Queen Emily II and the anti-war protesters reach an agreement by founding the new land of Crepundia, and in the first of the 2015 minisodes he crowns Moonita the new queen of the Land. Xeaphon features prominently in CB.VIII, organising the defence of the Land against the Uranians and Wisealise, and in the second of the 2015 minisodes he obtains the Staff of Forest Elves to help him guard the Titans' prisons. He now works at NETDOF, and helps organise the defence of Earth against the Scourge during CB.X.

Moonita.png Moonita First appearance: Cool Barbie IV - The Uprising

Moonita is Xeaphon's sister. Played by HIH Crown Princess Caroline, she first appears at the end of CB.IV, helping Xeaphon to drive off Colin's "giant" and suppress the uprising. She also appears at the start of CB.VII, asking Corporal Barbie to supervise the unveiling of the land's new "superweapon" (the reverse-engineered Dalek), and most prominently features in CB.VIII, helping Xeaphon defend the Land against the Uranians and Wisealise, and at the end of which she switches bodies with Corporal Barbie after the two of them interfere with a powerful magical weapon to successfully thwart Wisealise's plans. In the first of the 2015 minisodes, Moonita in her new Barbie body is crowned the new Queen of the toys by Xeaphon, and is temporarily abducted by a Golden Arrow in CB.IX.

Minor characters


  • The Supreme Allied Commander is the leader of NATO's "ET Defensive Force". Played by Lord Timothy, he appears in CB.I, giving the order to shoot down Bubble's spaceship, and in CB.V requesting that Major Brown send agents to the Moon to investigate the Uranian base. His voice is heard over the phone in the Xeaphon minisode, informing Xeaphon that Wisealise's "Staff of Forest Elves" was a fake and that he will soon be given the genuine staff, as well as in CB.IX, where he informs Xeaphon of the approaching Mysteron.
  • The NATO Worker is an employee of the Supreme Allied Commander. Played by Sir Joseph Francis, he appears in CB.I informing the Supreme Allied Commander of the movements of Bubble's spaceship.
  • Ken the Elder is the father of Xeaphon and Moonita, and husband of Ato. Played by HIH Emperor Father Terry, he is featured at the start of CB.IV repelling a burglar sent by Prince Colin to abduct Queen Emily I. He most prominently stars in CB.VIII, helping his children to defend the Land from Wisealise and the Uranians. His epithet of "the Elder" was most likely assumed to distinguish him from King Ken II, or his implied predecessor Ken I (although it is not stated whether Ken II's ordinal is in reference to a previous King Ken or to Ken the Elder).
  • The "Giant" (Burglar) seen at the beginning of CB.IV is hired by Colin to abduct his mother Queen Emily, so that he can be declared Regent after disabling King Ken II. Despite being repelled by Ken the Elder and Xeaphon, the burglar (played by Sir Glen Allen) escapes with the Queen. He is called a "giant" by the Queen's guard, suggesting that unfamiliar humans are assumed by dolls to be hostile.
  • The "Chav burglar" ("Giant") was a second human, hired by one of Colin's trolls to assist in securing the Land at the end of CB.IV. Played by Jonathan I, he is driven off by Xeaphon and Moonita after attacking a Spectrum helicopter and attempting to kill Cool Barbie. He is also referred to as a "giant", but due to his appearance (hooded top, covered face, tracksuit bottoms) is credited as the "Chav burglar" to differentiate him from the other burglar seen earlier in the episode.
  • The human newsreader, played by a friend of the Imperial Family who was uncredited at his own request, reports on the Uranian invasion of Earth at the start of CB.VIII.
  • The President of the UN Security Council, played by D. Forty, addresses the Uranian General via radio in CB.VIII, refusing to surrender the planet to Uranus. Although credited simply as "Security Council President", Mr. Forty's performance was intended to imitate Sir Mark Lyall Grant, a British diplomat who served as President of the United Nations Security Council during August 2014, CB.VIII being published on 1 September of that year.
  • Ato is the mother of Xeaphon and Moonita, and wife of Ken the Elder. Played by HIH Emperor Mother Margaret, she appears in the Xeaphon minisode, where it is revealed that she works as Xeaphon's secretary at NETDOF.


  • Captain Scarlet (greatly based on the eponymous character from the television series of the same name) was the Spectrum Agent for Greater London, who arrived in the Land in CB.II to warn the toys of Bubble's return. Mortally injured by Bubbles, he uses his "retrometabolistic energy" to transform into a large spider, which knocks out Bubbles before dying (he transforms into a snake in the original film, and does not die on-screen). He is the first member of Spectrum introduced in the series.
  • Lieutenant Green is the Spectrum Agent for South London. Voiced by Lord Timothy, he is featured (although not seen) at the end of CB.IV, flying an attack helicopter which unsucessfully attempts to subdue Colin's uprising.
  • Major Brown is the Spectrum Agent for England. He is featured in CB.V manning a Spectrum base in the Land, from which he gives Corporal Barbie and Sergeant Grey their mission to the Moon.
  • Agent Holly is a newly recruited Spectrum agent, inducted alongside Corporal Barbie at the start of CB.V. He is given the jurisdiction of north-east Carshalton, and his voice is heard at the end of CB.VI, when he flies the attack helicopter which forces Colin to release Corporal Barbie. He is also seen in the first of the 2015 minisodes, attending Moonita's coronation.
  • Agent Cedar is a newly recruited Spectrum agent, inducted alongside Corporal Barbie at the start of CB.V. He is given the jurisdiction of south-west Carshalton.
  • Agent Maple is a newly recruited Spectrum agent, inducted alongside Corporal Barbie at the start of CB.V. He is given the jurisdiction of south-east Carshalton.
  • Agent Beech is a newly recruited Spectrum agent, inducted alongside Corporal Barbie at the start of CB.V. He is given the jurisdiction of north-west Carshalton.
  • General White is the leader of Spectrum. Voiced by HIH Emperor Father Terry, he informs all Spectrum agents of the Uranian invasion of Earth in CB.VIII.


  • The Dalek was an alien based entirely on the Doctor Who antagonist of the same name. Imprisoned under the Garden, the Dalek was freed by Bubbles in CB.III to help him get revenge on Earth. It is revealed in CB.VII that Xeaphon's ancestors imprisoned the Dalek, and it shows signs of battle damage when it first appears (most notably, its eye-stalk is missing). It is learnt from CB.III and CB.IV that there had been a fortress defending the entrance to the Dalek's prison, but this was destroyed by Colin, who planned to free the Dalek to help him seize power. The Dalek was killed at the end of CB.III by Edd, with its body salvaged by the government. In CB.VII, Queen Emily II unveils the Dalek as a superweapon to defend the land, explaining that the Dalek has been reverse-engineered and the organism inside replaced with a device remotely controlled by her - by now, the Dalek is seen to be a lot more damaged than previously due to its battle with Edd and the work of the toy engineers, as it has numerous cracks and scratches, is missing its plunger, and has a large amount of tape holding parts of it together. It is seen that the Dalek can also be used as a form of tank after having been reverse-engineered, as a soldier from the Royal Army uses it to fire on rioters. The Dalek is seen in CB.VIII guarding the main door to the house during the Uranian invasion, but does not fire on the spaceship which comes through, with Xeaphon by then having been overthrown by Wisealise.
  • The Uranian from CB.V was the sole occupant of the Moonbase, a Uranian scientific facility based on the Moon. Captured by Sergeant Grey and Corporal Barbie in CB.V, he is teleported back to Earth, where he breaks free from Spectrum custody and kills at least one guard before being killed by Sergeant Grey. The relative ease with which he was killed serves as a useful comparison with Bubbles to demonstrate just how powerful the latter is.
  • Wisealise is an old enemy of Xeaphon. In CB.VIII, Xeaphon tells Cool Barbie that Wisealise had, in the past, forced him and his parents out and ruled over the toys before he returned to defeat him. Wisealise is first featured in the series at the end of CB.VII with Troll 2 and the Captain of the Golden Arrows in some sort of dark storage area. He informs them that he has "contacted the general's ship", and that "the fleet is on its way". He then boasts that he will get revenge on Xeaphon, and that Colin will soon rule the Land again. He mainly features in CB.VIII, in which he briefly takes over the Land during a Uranian invasion to free Bubbles, install Colin as ruler of the toys, and free the Titans to drain their power. He is killed by a magical explosion when Corporal Barbie and Moonita interfere with his attempt to free the Titans, and reveals with his dying words that he is of a race known as the Scourge, and that others will come to avenge him.
  • The Uranian General is the highest-ranking Uranian featured to date. He heads the Uranian invasion of Earth in CB.VIII, demanding international surrender before leading aerial bombardment of the planet. After Wisealise takes over the Land, the Uranian General arrives and meets the newly-freed Bubbles before ordering the fleet to withdraw from Earth with him.
  • The Uranian Bodyguard plays a minor role in CB.VIII, accompanying the Uranian General as he comes to the Land to retrieve Bubbles.
  • The Mysteron appears in CB.IX. Fleeing the Uranian conquest of Mars, it arrives on Earth offering to give NETDOF technology with which they can take the Moon and Mars from Uranian control. However, before it gets a chance to do this, it is fatally shot while trying to force the Golden Arrow to deactivate his gun.
  • The Scourge is featured briefly at the end of CB.X. Upon learning that the Scourge armada has been destroyed by Earth, he swears vengeance, and orders some prisoners to be brought to him.


  • The Forest Elf briefly appears in the Xeaphon minisode. Played by Lady Jennifer, she gives Xeaphon the Staff of Forest Elves to help him better guard the Titans' prison entrances.
  • The Elven Emperor is the leader of the High Elves. Featured in CB.X, Corporal Barbie goes to him to beg for his help against the invading Scourge. Millenia old, and claiming to be "the greatest mage alive", he destroys the Scourge armada with power from the Earth's magical field.

Other toys

  • The Newsreader is a Playmobile figure who first appears in CB.I, broadcasting on the landing of Bubbles and his subsequent conflict with the human military. He later appears in CB.IV, first broadcasting in hiding as a loyalist to Xeaphon after Colin's troops take over the Land, and then after the coup has been suppressed reporting on the exile of Colin and the honoring of those who contributed to his defeat. He also stars in CB.VII, reporting on the unveiling of the Dalek as a new superweapon for the Land.
  • The Minister of Defence was a teddy bear who appeared in CB.II and CB.III as the overall leader of the Land's military. He has been killed in a car crash by CB.IV, in which Colin admits that it was a deliberate assassination on his behalf.
  • Sophie is a Barbie doll who is a friend of Cool Barbie, and accompanies her to what is intended to be a holiday in CB.III before being attacked by Bubbles and the Dalek. Despite being referred to as Cool Barbie's "best friend", CB.III is the only episode in which Sophie has so far been seen or even mentioned.
  • The Scientist was a Playmobile figure employed at the Cryogenic Research Prison. At the end of CB.II, he is ordered by Colin to reverse-engineer weaponry from Bubbles' natural defence mechanisms. However, when he begins experimenting ("Project Tesla") on Bubbles at the start of CB.III, Bubbles escapes, killing the Scientist and two guards.
  • King Ken II was the monarch of the toys before June 2009, and since February 2007 at the latest. With the abduction of Queen Emily in 2007 (CB.IV introduction), he became sole monarch (it is unknown whether he had been a joint monarch or simply Emily's consort before that), but by August 2008 (CB.III) he had been so disabled by numerous assassination attempts that Colin (secretly his would-be assassin) had been made Regent, although Ken apparently retained some powers. He first appears in CB.III, giving his permission to the Chancellor to mobilise First Army troops to stop Bubbles - he is shown to be fully aware, but tragically dismissive, of Colin's attempts to take power. In CB.IV, he is killed by the Captain of the First Army on Colin's orders, after lamenting that his constitional monarchy will be replaced by Colin with a militaristic absolute monarchy.
  • Queen Emily I was the monarch of the toys before February 2007, when she was abducted by a Giant on her son Colin's orders (CB.IV) so that he could gain power. It is unknown whether she ruled alongside King Ken II, or whether he was merely her consort, but upon her abduction he became sole monarch.
  • The Troll Leader is the leader and the largest of the three trolls Colin introduced into the Doll Senate at the start of CB.IV to help him seize power. The Troll Leader is made the new Minister of Defence by a blackmailed Senate, and orders the Third Army on a pointless mission in the Garden to make it safe for Colin to begin his uprising - he then orders the First Army and Golden Arrows to secure the house. When Colin's coup is defeated, the Troll Leader is exiled along with Colin's other supporters into the Garden. He is seen at the start of CB.VI using his magical powers to defend Colin against other exiles whom he had previously banished when in power. He accompanies Colin during the events of CB.VIII, unsuccessfully attempting to order his former troops to free Bubbles (instead done by Wisealise), and is shown in the first of the 2015 minisodes to have then successfully killed Emily II, teleporting away when then charged at by the Chancellor. In the Colin minisode, the Troll Leader briefly meets up with Colin and his other followers while they are on the run, and is given a mission to perform as part of a "back-up plan".
  • Troll 1 was introduced along with two other troll dolls into the Doll Senate by Colin at the start of CB.IV to help him seize power. Troll 1 has orange hair, and is seen to have powerful magical abilities. He locks the Protectors of the Realm in their "hutches" (dog crates) and attacks the Chancellor during Colin's uprising, but teleports away to an unknown location once it is clear that the uprising was about to be quashed. Colin is later shown to be angry with him for escaping like this, calling him a "dirty coward". However, it was revealed in CB.VIII that he had teleported to Uranus to plan the events of that episode; the scene at the end of CB.IV is intended to be the troll arriving back along with a Uranian. He accompanies Colin during the events of CB.VIII, and pursues Corporal Barbie.
  • Troll 2 was introduced along with two other troll dolls into the Doll Senate by Colin at the start of CB.IV to help him seize power. Troll 2 has yellow hair, and is seen to have powerful magical abilities. He locks the Protectors of the Realm in their "hutches" and summons the "giant" on Colin's orders during the uprising, and is exiled to the Garden along with Colin when it is quashed. In CB.VI, he infiltrates the Land and kills Queen Lucy on Colin's orders to lure Corporal Barbie into the Garden, but fails to kill Corporal Barbie before she escapes. He teleports with Colin and the Golden Arrow to an unknown location at the end of CB.VI when they are confronted by a Spectrum helicopter, and is later seen with the Captain of the Golden Arrows and a figure later revealed to be Wisealise celebrating the summoning of "the fleet" at the end of CB.VII. He accompanies Colin during the events of CB.VIII, and pursues Corporal Barbie.
  • The Golden Arrow, when used in the singular, usually refers to an Action Man who is a member of the Golden Arrows and a close follower of Colin - his real name is not known. He took part in the Uprising and was exiled into the Garden in CB.IV, and helped with Colin's ultimately unsuccessful plot to kill Corporal Barbie before teleporting away with Colin and Troll 2 in CB.VI. He accompanies Colin during the events of CB.VIII and the third of the 2015 minisodes.
  • Another Golden Arrow features prominently in CB.IX. Also an Action Man follower of Colin, he accompanies him to the Scourge home-world in the third of the 2015 minisodes, and eventually escapes to Earth to warn Xeaphon that the Scourge are planning an invasion. He is killed by the Mysteron after refusing to de-activate his gun, onto which he had fused Scourge technology.
  • The Captain of the First Army was a toy soldier who was the leader of the First Army during the events of CB.IV. Loyal to Colin, he led a small group of elite soldiers to assassinate King Ken II and the Chancellor at the outbreak of Colin's uprising, but after personally killing the King, he himself was killed by the Chancellor, with his elite soldiers being killed by the Chancellor and by Sergeant Grey (who was badly injured after engaging in a firefight with them).
  • The Captain of the Golden Arrows is a Power Ranger action figure who is the leader of the Golden Arrows. He supported Colin's uprising in CB.IV, appearing on television to give the order to the Land to surrender to Colin's forces. He was exiled to the Garden when the uprising failed, and is seen at the start of CB.VI helping to defend Colin from exiles who had been previously banished to the Garden when Colin was Regent. He is not present when Colin, Troll 2 and the Golden Arrow teleport away at the end of CB.VI, but is seen with Troll 2 and the Mysterious Person celebrating the summoning of "the fleet" at the end of CB.VII. He accompanies Colin during the events of CB.VIII and the third of the 2015 minisodes.
  • The Captain of the Third Army is a toy soldier who is the leader of the Third Army. He features in CB.IV, where he and the Third Army are locked outside in the Garden by the Troll Leader to stop them repressing Colin's uprising. He is later let back into the house when the First Army defect back to Xeaphon and unlock the doors, and he oversees the exiling of Colin and his close supporters.
The royal family of the toys before Moonita's accession to the throne.
  • Queen Lucy is not seen onscreen, but is mentioned in CB.IV, VI, and VIII. The successor of her step-father King Ken II as monarch of the toys after Colin's uprising in CB.IV, her assassination at the start of CB.VI by Troll 2 forms the main plotline for that episode. She is described as the "estranged" sister of Colin, presumably having been banished or imprisoned by him before she became Queen to remove any threat to his claims to power. She is succeeded as monarch by her step-sister Emily II.
  • The King of Crepundia is a doll featured in CB.VII. He protests against the government raising taxes to pay for new weapons to defend the Land against Colin, as he believes that no such attack is imminent and that said weapons will be used merely to oppress the populace. He leads a riot when the superweapon is unveiled and revealed to be the Dalek, which results in his followers leaving the Land and founding their own, Crepundia, of which he is crowned King by Xeaphon.
  • Queen Emily II is a Barbie who succeeds Lucy as the monarch of the toys. She first appears in CB.VII, unveils the superweapon as the Dalek, and escapes from the resultant riot. She calls Colin her step-brother and not her half-brother, revealing that she was a daughter of Ken II from before he married Emily I and that Ken II was not Colin's father. Her death is shown during the first of the 2015 minisodes; she is killed by the Troll Leader during Wisealise's attack on the Land after she refuses to surrender to Colin.
  • The Teacher is a doll who teaches a class of toys in CB.IX, during which his school is visited by Moonita.


  • Rose (played by herself) starred in CB.IV, as one of the Protectors of the Realm. She helped Ken the Elder and Xeaphon drive off the burglar at the beginning of the episode, and was later locked in her "hutch" by Colin's trolls to stop her preventing their coup. Rose died in April 2014; it remains to be seen how this will be worked into the Cool Barbie narrative.
  • Edd (played by himself) stars as one of the Protectors of the Realm. He first appears in CB.III, killing the Dalek and knocking out Bubbles, saving Cool Barbie's life. He then appears in CB.IV being locked in his "hutch" by Colin's trolls to stop him from preventing their coup.