Liberty Party (New Europe)

The New European Liberty Party is a political party in New Europe. The NELP was founded in 2013 by Joseph Marx. In the New European political landscape, the NELP is a third party that has entered into the Provisional Government, following the dissolution of the Nationalist government in early 2013. Is is a successor party to the NALP of the North American Confederation.

New European Liberty Party
ChairmanJoseph Marx
FoundedMay 17, 2013
Preceded byNorth American Liberty Party
IdeologyLibertarianism, Pacifism, Pragmatism,Self-determinism
Political positionLibertarianism
ColorsWhite & Yellow
Seats in the Reichstag
0 / 11


According to the party's founder, Joseph Marx, the NELP is a libertarian party. This means that the party promotes a minimalist approach to government and is devoted to the protection of New European citizen's self-determination and inalienable freedoms. The party is also anti-war, noninterventionialist, and promotes individualism. It is devoted to the establishment of a successful New European economy, and the protection of that economy's freedom.

List of Party leaders

# Picture Name Term start Term end
1   Joseph Marx May 17, 2013 Incumbent
First party chairman and Minister of Foreign Affairs.