Liberal Party of Freedonia

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The Liberal Party of the Republic of Freedonia is a center right to right-wing political party in the Republic of Freedonia. It was founded by Ariel Lederman shortly after the establishment of the Republic as a means to promote Limited Government and Free Markets. It has since become the most prominent political party in the Republic, taking up four of the five seats in the Parliament and the major executive positions such as the President and Vice President as well. While originally founded as a party for classical liberals and libertarians, the party does have certain members who identify more on the right side of the aisle and are more traditionally conservative.

Liberal Party
PresidentAriel Lederman
Prime MinisterJimmy Foddle
SloganGive me Liberty, or give me death!
AnthemBattle Cry of Freedom
Founded9 October 2020
(as the "Liberty Party")
Classical Liberalism
Traditional Conservatism
Classical Economics
Austrian Economics
British Conservatism
National Conservatism
Political positionRight
Official colors     Light Blue
Grand Parliament of the Republic
4 / 5


  • A free and open market barring government intervention
  • Restriction of government powers explicitly to those delegated in the Freedonian Constitution.
  • Decriminalize all interactions that take place between consenting individuals
  • Legalize drugs
  • Lower taxes
  • Abolish the minimum wage
  • Radically shrink or abolish the welfare state
  • Demilitarize the police force
  • Criminzalization of corporate lobbying