Letbaw City

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Letbaw City
Letbă Patev
—  City  —

Country Huro-Atlantica
State Regrabetpar
County Letbwegras
Incorporated into Asermia July 14th 2011
Re-incorporated from Taino May 25th 2014
Founder John Constantine Williams Sr.
Named for Disputed, but probably a mix of the Rakwiktrab words Letbwegras (meaning Pine), and Kèrgă (meaning man), or Pine Man, referring to a mythical creature that supposedly inhabited the area at the time of the Native Americans.
Time zone EST (UTC-4)
 - Summer (DST) EDT (UTC-5)
LB 022-0
GPR 220.xxxx

Letbaw City /ˈlɛtbɔː/ (Rakwiktrab: Letbă Patev) is a city in the County of Letbwegras, which is in turn part of the Huro-Atlantic state of Regrabetpar. It has a population of 244,769, making Letbaw City the second most populous city in Huro-Atlantica. It is also a popular vacation destination for both Huro-Atlantic and foreign tourists.

The city is located on a peninsula between Èrklàr Òrv and the Kwataprab Yezgaj. It is connected to mainland Jagsitüòr to the north; with Erklrab City to the east by causeways and bridges across Erklar Orv; and to the American city of Bradenton in the south by the Sunshine Skyway Bridge (RBI 1-B), which traverses the mouth of the bay. It is also served by RBI 1 and RBI 1-C, which branch off RBI 1-B into the southern and northern areas of downtown respectively. The Gandy Bridge, conceived by George Gandy and opened in 1924, was the first causeway to be built across Erklar Orv, connecting Letbaw and Erklrab cities without a circuitous 43 mile trip around the bay through Jasøke.

With an average of some 361 days of sunshine each year, and a Guinness World Record for logging the most consecutive days of sunshine (768 days), it is nicknamed "The Sunshine City". Due to its good weather and low cost of living, the city has long been a popular retirement destination, although in recent years the population has moved in a much more youthful direction.

Until May of 2014, Letbaw City was part of the United Provinces of Taino, of which it was the capital, hence the former name Capitallia. After this point, the Nation had been inactive for enough time that Huro-Atlantica laid claim to the region.