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| monuments = None
| monuments = None
'''Leonard''' is the King of [[Kingdom of New France]].

More information soon - under construction!
==Early life and education==
Being written

Currently reigning in exile!
==Personal life==
Being written
==Titles, styles, and honors==
===Titles and styles===
*'''1994 - 22 April 2011:''' No title
*'''22 April 2011 - 01 May 2016:''' Lord of The Manor of Paulett
*'''01 May 2016 - present:''' ''His Majesty'' The King of New France
The King's style and title in full: ''His Majesty Leonard the First, King of New France, Lord of The Manor of Paulett
===National honors===
===Foreign honors===
*[[File:gcdannebrog.png|25px]] [[Denmark]]: [[Order of Dannebrog|Order of The Dannebrog - Grand Cross]] S.K. ( Storkors )
===Foreign titles of nobility===
*[[File:Flag of England.png|25px]] [[United Kingdom]]: Lord of The Manor of [[w:Lord of The Manor of Paulett|Paulett]]
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|1= '''H.M King Leonard I'''
|2= Lord John Alfred
|3= Lady Faith
|4= Lord Charles
|5= Lady Anastasia
|6= Baron Axel
|7= Baroness Agnete
|8= Lord William
|9= Lady Magdalene
|10= Baron Paul von Stege
|11= Baroness Jutta von Stege
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