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| date 2 = 1 June [[2019]]
| date 2 = 1 June [[2019]]
| predecessor 2 = ''None''
| predecessor 2 = ''None''
| office 3 = [[Bregusland|Chief Secretary of Bregusland]]
| hos 3 = [[Commissioner of Bregusland|Commissioner]]
| hos name 3 = [[Charles Ross|Lord Charles Ross]]
| assumed/in 3 = Assumed
| date 3 = August [[2020]]
| predecessor 3 = [[Tony Sweigart]]
| office 7 = Monarch of Epiclandia
| office 7 = Monarch of Epiclandia
| assumed/in 7 = Assumed
| assumed/in 7 = Assumed

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Prophet of Bob
Pope of the Bobists
Leon Montan
Drawing of Leon Montan
President of Ponderosa Hills
Assumed office
1 June 2019
Predecessor Office established
Member of the People's Supreme Assembly for Seat 1
Assumed office
1 June 2019
Predecessor None
Chief Secretary of Bregusland
Assumed office
August 2020
Commissioner Lord Charles Ross
Predecessor Tony Sweigart
Monarch of Epiclandia
Assumed office
1 June 2014
Personal information
Born 9 July 2006 (2006-07-09) (age 14)
Berkeley, California, United States
Birth name Leon Montan
Citizenship Ponderosa Hills
Nationality Ponderosan
Political party Green
Other political
Ontario Liberal
Residence Arastraville, Ponderosa Hills
Religion Bobism
Military service
Allegiance  Ponderosa Hills
Service/branch Cyber Forces
Rank Supreme Commanding General
Battles/wars TOES-Almendria War

Leon Montan OKE, also known as Leon Tyronjevych Montanov[1], Cornelius I[a][2] within the Bobist faith, officially leon in Ponderosa Hills, and sometimes erroneously known as Boomer due to his former username on Discord, (born 9 July 2006) is a American-born TOESite-Ponderosan politician, and Bobist religious figure, being a Prophet and the Pope of the religion.

Early life

Montan was born in Berkeley, California on 9 July 2006.

Political career

Ponderosa Hills


Montan is a member of the Batu Party and is Speaker of the Bok of Rai. On 29 August 2020, Montan founded the Islamic Resistance Movement, an organization that aims to become a political party. The organization has been rejected party status. Later, he joined the Parti de Brigade des Électeur Fem-garçon, a political organization in the process of becoming a political party created by Jayden Lycon, Zarel Smith, and himself.

Personal life

Montan lives in the Arsenal area of Arastraville with his mother, and cat, Sixy. He is a devout Bobist, and is a Prophet and the Pope of the religion.

Political views

Montan is a self-described libertarian eco-socialist. He is the Chair of the Green Party of Ponderosa Hills, and a member of the Liberal Party of Ontario, despite not being a liberal or a resident of Ontario.

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  1. Cornelius I is the formal title of said persona. They are more often referred to as Cornelius Cornwall.
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