Legislative and Executive Act

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Legislative and Executive Act
First page of the act
First page of the act
Created 29 March 2019
Approved by Emperor on 5 April 2019
Approved by Emperor at Google Docs
Emperor that approved Emperor A. Dillman
Amended by Prime Directive Act
Purpose To establish rules for the writing of lesgislation and issuing of executive orders.

The Legislative and Executive Act is the first act of the Arkonian Parliment ever.


The name "Legislative and Executive Act" was chosen because it pertained to the Legislative and Executive branches of the government.


As always, the Act begins with the standard "Kings Introduction".

The First Article, Article I, pertained to how Acts must begin(the "Kings Introduction"). It also talked about how the Kings Introduction must be put in a separate heading section with a top heading of .25 inches. It also talkes about how Acts should be organized:

  • Article
    • Subarticle
      • Section
        • Subsection
          • Paragraph
            • Subparagraph

The second article, Article II, went through a thourough path of the legislative process.

Article III went into what executive orders are and who can issue them(the Emperor).