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Legislative Diet (Koya)

The Legislative Diet is the unicameral legislature of Koya. Members of the Diet are directly elected under parallel voting systems. In addition to passing laws, the Diet is formally responsible for selecting the Ministers. The Diet took its current form in 2016 upon the adoption of the postwar constitution and is considered by the Constitution to be the highest organ of state power. The National Diet Building is located in Iwayadō, Tokenawa

Legislative Diet
Type Unicameral
President of the Legislative Diet Sven Odijk, National Unity Party of Koya
Members 10
Political groups National Unity Party of Koya (10)
Last election 6 April 2014


The Legislative Diet responsibilities include not only the making of laws but also the approval of the annual national budget that the government submits and the ratification of treaties. It can also appoint ministers and initiate draft constitutional amendments, which, if approved, must be presented to the people in a referendum. The Legislative Diet may conduct " investigations in relation to government". The Prime Minister must be designated by Parliament resolution, establishing the principle of legislative supremacy over executive government agencies. The government can also be dissolved by the President if the President sees no confidence introduced by fifty members of the House of Representatives. Government officials, including the Prime Minister and Cabinet members, are required to appear before Parliament investigative committees and answer inquiries. The Parliament also has the power to impeach judges convicted of criminal or irregular conduct.