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Legal Essexian Database

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The Legal Essexian Database Act 2020 was introduced on the 27th of April 2020 to allow the creation of a database containing all Essexian documents, as well as laying out the process by which a document shall be added to the database.

The creation of the database took the Law Commission, created for the very purpose of examining Essexian legislation, many weeks. While it was widely known, the extent to which much of Essexia's law was uncodified was greatly revealed; after the Declaration of Independence in 2017, which is the earliest surviving document, there was around a two year period in which the vast majority of Essexian law was conducted through decree, mostly over text message - the forums of which are now lost. This made it difficult for those on the commission, including Crown Minister Jacob and Junior Minister Cracky, to trace the origins of Essexian law before late 2018. It was decided that any law that could only be remembered, and not found in writing, would be repealed after the assent of the Legal Essexian Database Act.

It is expected by some older citizens of Essexia that up to one-hundred motions and decrees were subsequently lost after the creation of the database, and now exist only in the memory of those who were active around the time the laws took effect. It is also widely acknowledged that the database omits around a dozen pieces of modern legislation, following either controversy around their status of assent, or the commissions inability to trace the original document; around mid-2019, several MPs created legislation by using existing Acts as templates, without creating a copy of the original document, meaning a lot of modern Essexian law has also been lost accidentally.

Complete List of Legislation

Name of Legislation Type of Legislation Advocate Date of Assent Status Date of Repeal Notes
Original Declaration of Independence Declaration People of Essexia 26/12/2017 Active
For around a year, Essexia lacked a formal legislature, and operated off of the equivalent of word of mouth Imperial Decrees, so lacks codified legislation for this period
Formal Declaration of Independence Declaration People of Essexia 26/12/2018 Active
Monarchial Powers Act Act Lord Matthew ??/??/2018 Repealed 18/06/2019
Lords Act Act Lord Matthew ??/??/2018 Repealed 04/03/2019
Constitution of the Commonwealth of Essexia Constitutional Parliament & Emperor Terry 07/01/2019 Repealed 01/07/2019 Including first and second amendments
Bureaucracy Act Act Lord Matthew ??/??/2019 Repealed 18/06/2019 Amended in Economic Regulations Act
The Senate Act Act Lord Matthew 04/03/2019 Repealed 01/07/2019
Wayne Act Act Lord Matthew 11/03/2019 Active
Nobility Act Act Lord Matthew 15/03/2019 Active
The Essexian National Order Act Lord Matthew 16/03/2019 Active
Colonial Trade Act Act Lord Jack 20/03/2019 Repealed 26/06/2019
Economic Regulations Act Act Earl Finn 26/05/2019 Repealed 18/06/2019
Economic Reform Act Act Lord Jack 26/05/2019 Active
Constitutional Reform Act Executive Lord Jamie 27/05/2019 Active
Second Minister Act Act Lord Jamie 29/05/2019 Active
Discord records begin, legislation from this period can be largely traced and verified
LGBTQ+ Equality Act Act Lord Jamie 31/05/2019 Active
Treasury Act Act Lord Jacob 02/06/2019 Active
Media Merger Act Act Lord Jack 11/06/2019 Active
Imperial Decree I Imperial Decree Emperor Terry 26/06/2019 Active
Constitution of the Commonwealth of Essexia Constitutional Danbury Conference 01/07/2019 Active
Imperial Decree II Imperial Decree Emperor Terry 01/07/2019 Active
Imperial Decree III Imperial Decree Emperor Terry 01/07/2019 Active
Electoral Law Act Act Lord Matthew 07/07/2019 Repealed 30/05/2020
Provinces Act Act Earl Finn 07/07/2019 Repealed 24/03/2020
Ministerial Reform Act Act Lord Jamie 16/07/2019 Active
Code of Conduct Act Act Earl Finn 30/07/2019 Active
Essexian Parliament Procedure Procedure Lord Matthew 31/07/2019 Active
Thurnell Bridge Act Act Lord Jack 21/08/2019 Active
Currency Act Act Lord Jack 21/08/2019 Active
Earldom Act Act Lord Jacob 14/09/2019 Active
Medical Corps Act Act Lord Gilbert 14/09/2019 Active Remove full name from document
Great Reform Act Act Lord Matthew 04/10/2019 Active
Imperial Decree IV Imperial Decree Emperor Terry 11/10/2019 Active
Imperial Decree V Imperial Decree Emperor Terry 23/10/2019 Active
Mandatory Vaccination Act Act Earl Jack 27/11/2019 Active
Commendation Act Act Earl Jack 15/01/2020 Active Get docs link & edit urgently
Judicial Establishment Act Act Earl Jack 07/02/2020 Active
First Amendment to the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Essexia Constitutional Earl Jack 08/02/2020 Active
By-Election Act Executive Lord Matthew 10/02/2020 Active
Digital Currency Act Act Earl Jack 03/03/2020 Repealed 11/05/2020 Lost
Funtime Referendum Act Executive Earl Jack 04/03/2020 Active
Second Amendment to the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Essexia Constitutional Lord Matthew 06/03/2020 Active
Colonial Trade Re-Establishment Act Act Lord Matthew 07/03/2020 Active
Renewed Provinces Act Act Earl Finn 24/03/2020 Active Amended on 19/05/2020
Shenfield Autonomy Act Act Earl Finn 25/03/2020 Active
Animal Rights Act Act Lord Matthew 25/03/2020 Active
Citizenship Reform Act Act Earl Jack 04/04/2020 Repealed 30/05/2020
Ship Classification Act Act Earl Jack 08/04/2020 Active
Armed Forces Jurisdiction Act Act Earl Jack 13/04/2020 Active
Discrimination Act Act Lord Matthew 14/04/2020 Active
Imperial Decree VI Imperial Decree Emperor Terry 26/04/2020 Active
Legal Essexian Database Act Act Earl Finn 27/04/2020 Active Written by the Ministry of Justice
Ed Balls National Holiday Act Act Lord Matthew 28/04/2020 Active
Law Commission Act Act Lord Ben 28/04/2020 Active Written by the Ministry of Justice
Nobility Reduction Act Act Lord Matthew 07/05/2020 Active
National Investigative Service Act Act Emperor Terry 17/05/2020 Active
Renewed Prvoinces Act Amendment Act Earl Finn 19/05/2020 Active
Inactive MP Removal Act Act Lord Sam 19/05/2020 Active
Parliamentary Restoration Act Act Earl Jamie 22/05/2020 Active Constitutional Executive
Brothels Act Act Junior Minister Harley 22/05/2020 Active
New Citizenship Reform Act Act Lord Matthew 29/05/2020 Active
Electoral Law Act Act Lord Matthew 29/05/2020 Active
Data Protection and Regulation Act Act Crown Minister Gilbert 01/06/2020 Active
Coal and Transportation Act Act Earl Finn 01/06/2020 Active