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!Active personeels
!Active personels
| 6
| 10
!Standard weapons
!Standard weapons

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Ledilian United Forces
Established 21 February 2019
Micronation Flagledoff1.png The Principality of Ledilia
Previous engagements 0 in 365 days
Current engagements N/A
Minister of Public Defense Tom Hanks
Commandant in-chief of the LUF Prince Davide Ledilinski di Ledilia
Ledilian Army CIC Flavio Dal Cin
Admiral of the Fleet Manfredi Idger
General information
Garrison / HQ Gandolfo Barracks, Lakewood Barracks
Casualties 0
Active personels 10
Standard weapons Nerfs, Batons and Airsoft, Slings
Budget IA£30.000

The Ledilian United Forces are the Forces who contains the Army, the Navy and the Air Force to protect Ledilia and Ledilian Interests.


Logo Name Type Founded
Ledesercito1.png Ledilian Army Infantry 21 February 2019
Lednavy1.png Ledilian Navy Navy 21 February 2019
Lednairforce1.png Ledilian Air Force Air Force 22 February 2019