Ledilian Political Parties

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Ledilian Political Parties are currently listed down below:

Party Name Party Flag Party Leader Ideologies House of Commons Seats House of Leeds Seats
Costrutione COS Polpartcostrutione.png Davide II° Romanov Libertarianism
1 / 9
1 / 3
Ledilian National Conservative Party LCP Polpartconservativenational.png John O' Connor Conservatism
4 / 9
0 / 3
Lega Lediliana LLE Polpartlegaled.png Manfredi Idger Liberalism
3 / 9
2 / 3
Partito Democratico Lediliano PDL Polpartpartitodem.png Checco Ledilinski Socialism
3 / 9
1 / 3

Ledilian Political Parties Ledilia is a bicameral parliament which has political parties, this political parties are different and follow different Ideologies, they are all administrated by an individual which can take part to micronations affairs or not, the political parties follows a definied criteria which is most used by real life, most information is took by wikiHow.