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!Current engagements
!Current engagements
! Motto
| "A global force for good."
!style="background:#B0C4DE; color:black; text-align: center" colspan="2"|Leadership
!style="background:#B0C4DE; color:black; text-align: center" colspan="2"|Leadership

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Marina Militare Lediliana IT
Ledilian Navy EN
Established 21st of February, 2019.
Country Flagledoff2.png Principality of Ledilia
Previous engagements 0 in 365 days
Current engagements None
Motto "A global force for good."
Ministry of Public Defense Tom Hanks
First Sea Lord Manfredi Idger
General information
Garrison / Headquarters Lakewood Kaleski, Kalaski Barracks.
Active personnel 2
Stocked Weaponry 3 Nerfs, 1 softair glock.
Stocked Vehichles 2 Dinghys and 3 Kayaks.
Budget IA£ 10.000


Founded from the prince during the first foundation periods, The prince had to defend the lakeside cities like Lakewood Kaleski, this means he had to do something and founded the Ledilian Navy.


The Ledilian Navy fleet is really small but useful, here they are.

All the fleet is introduced with "TP", Meaning "The Prince".

TP- Magellan, Light Fregate

TP- Black pearl, Light Fregate

TP- White rose, Heavy Interceptor

TP- Astana, Light Aircraft carrier (for drones)

Ranks and Tactics

Senior Commissioned Officers | [SCO/s]

  • Admiral of the Fleet
  • Admiral
  • Admiral Inspector Chief of Corps | (Special)
  • Counter Admiral
  • Rear Admiral
  • Commodore
  • Captain
  • Fregate Captain

Commissioned Officers | [CO/s]

  • Commander
  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Marine Guard
  • Lieutenant
  • Sub Lieutenant

Non-Commissioned Officers | [NCO/s]

  • First Marshal
  • First Class Chief
  • Sergeant Major
  • Colour Sergeant
  • Staff Sergeant
  • Sergeant
  • Junior Sergeant
  • First Class Subchief
  • Subchief
  • First Class Common

Non Classified | [NC/S]

  • Enlisted
  • Cadet
  • Applicant


Ledilian Tactics are based on the British Armed Forces and on the Italian Armed Forces,

Those are the main examples I can make, Ledilian Officers will be informed on how they work, they must know them.

The Ledilian Navy is identified in drills as Sea Company or Salty Sailors.


  • Fleet Ground Interceptors: Ledilian Navy Interceptors, Formed of those guys who come behind you with the fastest ship in our fleet and gets you.
  • Air Navy Fleet: Ledilian Navy Drone Pilots, Who is abilitated to use Drones, who does Recognition, Has a low percentual of approval, Only Air force may operate it currently.
  • Ledilian Busters Transport: Ledilian Navy transports, the main job is to keep the "packages" until the destination, fairly called to action.

Other Branches