Ledilian Broadcasting Service

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The Ledilian Broadcasting Service has been estabilished by the Prince the 1st of March 2019, The Ledilian Broadcasting Service is the national service made by Davide Ledilinski di Ledilia and he's the current Chariman, The LBS has been made for share and administrate the MicroWiki pages and national TV programs, such as Che Tempo che Fa or Ledilian Master Baker or Politic shows like Triplosette TV.

The Gandolfo Journal

The LBS is in charge of press, the LBS made the gandolfo journal, a newspaper that exits 1 time every 2 weeks, but her you can find the e-journal, where last hour and important news gets published.

Latest News

(05/04/19): Ledilia declares the Republic of Wexford a National Threat, We are now allied with the Repubblica democratica di Luxe; 1 month ago this page was estabilished.

(05/16/19): Ledilia is in contact with the [Repubblica democratica di Luxe]] for starting some treaties up, Ledilia officially exilied all Wexfordians in Ledilia Territory, Ledilia conquered 100 squared meters, The Ledilian Navy Admiral Manfredi Idger got nominated Ministry of Labour and Economy, He will take part of the last Council of Ministries Meeting that will happen in New Gandolfo.

(05/20/19): Ledilia ended the problems with The Republic of Wexford, Ledilia took part of the Greater European Pact with the Principality of Tomeone, The Republic of Wexford and with the Baronato di Olislelia, Ledilia in the past days took part to the UMNI.


FLASH ARTICLE:(05/30/19): Ledilia Left the UMNI, took part of the Greater European Pact along with the Baronato di Olislelia, the Principality of Tomeone and The Republic of Wexford, Ledilian jobs are now splitted into private work and government offered work, New laws and a new parliament session has been made, now the constitution runs from Punto A to F and no more from A to D, Now there are 7 chapters and not only 4, all coming immigrants without having done the pending vaccines will be refused from entering, baby's allergic to vaccines must do a doctor examination prior 15 days from arrival, the main page of wikipedia has been done, a new site in underworked by Checco Ledilinski and the LRES, New fleet interceptor coming to the Ledilian Navy and will take part of the Fleet Ground Interceptors, the fastest regiment in the navy, Ledilian Air Force is enlisting.

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Thank you, the LBS.