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The Ledilian Army (Italian: Esercito del Principato di Ledilia) is a corp that works on the Protection of Ledilia.
== History ==
Founded by Davide Ledilinski of Ledilia the 21st of February (de jure) and the  23rd of February 2019 (de facto), The Armed Forces now counts only an Infantry and a Boat for the Navy.
The Armed forces of Ledilia was originally founded for protect the prince, but after many treats arrived from other nations it was took to a new level, this force never fought but during this period is always developing for be more powerfull; This force counts 3 branches and 10 regiments, all of them has a force and a veichle.
== Army ==
Ledilian Armed Forces, Expecially the Army was founded to '''Protect''' the Prince and Ledilian Civillians but it expanded, Now the [[Ledilian United Forces]] are an official fully working corp, Works as Military unit and as Police Unit.
== Ranks and Tactics ==
Major part of the ranks are took from the British Army and some made from Ledilia.
'''Senior Commissioned Officers | [SCO/s]'''
*Field Marshal
*Lieutenant General
*Major General
'''Commissioned Officers | [CO/s]'''
*Lieutenant Colonel
*Second Lieutenant
* Officer Cadet
'''Non-Commissioned Officers | [NCO/s]'''
*Branch Sergeant Major
*Sergeant Major
*Colour Sergeant
*Chief Marshal
*Lance Corporal
'''Non Classified | [NC/S]'''
=== Tactics ===
Ledilian Tactics are based on the British Armed Forces and on the Italian Armed Forces, Ledilia officers are trained with the new tactics estabilished from the government, new training methods are always being developped.
== Weapons ==
[[File:Ribalhades1ppfp.jpg | thumb|left | 100px | Photo of the Nerf Rival Hades equipped by a soldier]]
The Ledilian Weaponry is mainly based off from Nerfs, the most stocked are the Nerf Kronos, the Nerf Apollo, the Nerf Hades and the Accustrike Alphahawk, The Ledilian government is planning on buying good airsoft firearms, for now the Army has only a softair  glock  other then own researched firearms.
The Apollo is a light submachine gun based of 10 Rival Bullets per mag, the Hades is a heavy/suppression rifle with 30 Rival bullets, the Kronos is a small handgun used as Secondary, it fits in 5 Rival bullets and at last our softair glock, made of many magazines of 10 shots.
== Regiments ==
== Regiments ==

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Esercito Ledile IT
Ledilian Army EN
Established 21 February 2019.
Country Flagledoff2.png Principality of Ledilia
Previous engagements 0 in 365 days
Current engagements None
Motto "Facta Non Verba."
Ministry of Public Defense Tom Hanks
Commandant in-charge Flavio Dal Cin
Commandant in-chief Davide Ledilinski di Ledilia
General information
Garrison / Headquarters Orchveich Vodor, Gandolfo Barracks.
Active personnel 6
Stocked Weaponry 8 Nerfs, 1 softair .6, 2 softair glock, 2 pump softair shotgun, 1 "scout" type softair rifle, 3 softair uzi, 2 softair AK-47.
Stocked Vehichles 1 Shopping Cart, 1 SUV, 3 Bikes.
Budget IA£10.000


  • LASF: Ledilian Army Special Forces, Currently not working, Triggers on national treats and on reconassance.
  • ENT.IS: Ledilian Army Intelligence, Reconaissance based, Works Undercover.
  • Praecipva Virium: Ledilian Army bad boys, They trigger on Hostage Situatons or Problems regarding the civillians.
  • Lenzopankien: Ledilian Granadier Guards, They are in charge of protecting Important sites and the most important sites (e.c Prince Palace, Ledilian Military Barracks).
  • Artillepankient: Ledilian Artillery, formed of heavy carts and heavy weapons, made for suppress.

Other Armed Forces Branches