Ledilian Air Force

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Forza Aerea Ledile IT
Ledilian Air Force EN
Established 22st of February, 2019.
Country Flagledoff2.png Principality of Ledilia
Previous engagements 0 in 365 days
Current engagements None
Ministry of Public Defense Tom Hanks
Commandant in chief Davide Ledilinski di Ledilia
General information
Headquarters New Gandolfo, Gandolfo Barracks.
Active personnel 1
Stocked Weaponry 2 Nerfs
Stocked Vehichles 2 Toy Helicopters, 1 Drone.
Budget IA£ 10.000


Founded by Davide Ledilinski of Ledilia the 21st of February (de jure) and the 23rd of February 2019 (de facto), The Armed Forces now counts only an Infantry and a Boat for the Navy, In the Last Week the Air Force is now on service.

The Armed forces of Ledilia was originally founded for protect the prince, but after many treats arrived from other nations it was took to a new level, this force never fought but during this period is always developing for be more powerfull; This force counts 3 branches and many regiments, all of them has a force and a veichle.

Air Force

The Task of the Air Force is to protect the Ledilian Skies and to give air support to the other branches.

Ranks and Tactics

Senior Commissioned Officers | [SCO/s]

  • Marshal of the Airforce
  • General Marshal
  • Squadron General
  • Brigate General
  • Air chief Marshal
  • Vice air chief marshal
  • Air Commodore
  • Group Captain

Commissioned Officers | [CO/s]

  • Wing Commander
  • Squadron Leader
  • Flight Lieutenant
  • Airguard
  • Pilot Officer

Non-Commissioned Officers | [NCO/s]

  • Warrant officer of the Ledilian Air Force (special duties)
  • Flight sergeant major
  • Flight sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Major pettycraftsman
  • Senior Aircraftsman
  • Aircraftsman

Non Classified | [NC/S]

  • Enlisted
  • Cadet
  • Applicant


Ledilian Tactics are based on the British Armed Forces and on the Italian Armed Forces.

Those are the main examples I can make, Ledilian Officers will be informed on how they work, they must know them.

Air Force is definied "LEDILIAN BIRDS" in the drills.


Other Branches

Ledilian Ground Force:

Ledilian Naval Force: