League of Hellenistic Micronations

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League of Hellenistic Micronations
Συμπολιτεία των Ελληνιστικών Μικροεθνών

Hellenistic League.jpg

Headquarters Imvrassia

Official language Greek

Members 3
Founding member Imvrassia
Hegemon of the League Despotes Aggelos
General Secretary Baron Basil of Lofokrithia

Foundation 6 October 2016

Development of diplomacy, mutual recognition, peace and cooperation between Hellenistic Micronations

The Hellenistic League or official League of Hellenistic Micronations (Συμπολιτεία των Ελληνιστικών Μικροεθνών), is a micronational organisation founded on 6 October 2016 and is the continuity of the harmonious Commonwealth which was established on 25 November 2013, with the purposes of development of diplomacy, mutual recognition, peace and cooperation between Hellenistic Micronations.

The League of Hellenistic Micronations has been founded by the Empire of Imvrassia, with the intention to give a reference point to all the Greek-speaking and Hellenistic Micronations, and it is the first organisation with this purpose.

Policy and Government

The main objectives of the League of Hellenistic Micronations are:

  • Development of diplomacy and mutual recognition between members.
  • Teaching of the Greek language, culture and history, and promotion of the Greek language use internationally.
  • Keep peace and security between members.
  • Promote the solution to the international disputes and peacefully resolve situations that could lead to a breach of the peace.
  • Develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the inviolable sovereignty and for the principle of equality between states.
  • Promote economic and social cooperation.
  • Promote respect for the human rights and fundamental freedoms for the benefit of all the humans and animals.
  • Promote respect for international law and encourage the progressive development and its codification.

The main institutions dealing with the affairs of the League of Hellenistic Micronations are:

a. Head of the League,

b. General Secretary

c. Synod of the League.

  • Head of the League is the Monarch of Imvrassia.
  • The General Secretary is responsible for the relations between the League member states, as well as with other organizations and associations.
  • Representative body of the member-states of the League, is the Synod of the League. Each member-state is represented by its Head of State or his/her deputy, or their designee. The duties of the President of the Synod shall be exercised by the Head of the League.

How to join the League

Membership is currently granted freely. Εvery Micronation can participate if fulfills the following points:

  • Recognition of the Greek language as official language, or otherwise legal recognition of the Greek language such as recognized or local language status.
  • Claiming of a real territory, located on planet Earth.
  • Being an active micronation or a protectorate, proving it with a government, an official website, email address and as much other evidences as possible.
  • Respect human rights.
  • Promote Hellenistic culture and history,
  • Establish mutual recognition and diplomacy with the other member states.

Each member-state or protectorate will have full sovereign authority over their nation and may exercise that authority without the interference of the League or its leadership.

Membership in the League is on a voluntary basis and membership may be terminated at any time by either the League in council with the Synod of the League or by the member nation.

Email the League at hellenic.league.micronations@gmail.com for membership.


No protectorate can withdraw from the League without consent of the Hegemon of the League and the Synod.


Flag Name Member since Claimed area Currency(ies) Capital(s) Kind of government Head(s) of State Official Contacts
ImvrassiaFlag.jpg Empire of Imvrassia 6 October 2016 35.018 m² Euro Vlamaria Constitutional Monarchy Despotes Aggelos as Regent Official website
Ok1.jpg Principality of Doriea 11 October 2016 3.000 m² Euro Exedoros Constitutional Monarchy Prince Konstantinos I Principality of Doriea
Posi.jpg Republic of Poseidonia 7 March 2017 ~18,5 km² Poseidonian Sterline, Euro Marmaroksera, Makronisos Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic Gjon Kajaburra Republic of Poseidonia

BN Flag

The Empire of Byzantium Novum 1 January 2020 UKN USD Capital Unicameral Grand Mesazon Pending

League's Map

League's Map2.gif