Lawmakers’ Council

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Lawmaker’s Council of Seybold
1st Legislative Session
Bicameral (One of two houses)
Term limits
2 years
FoundedApril 21, 2019 (2019-04-21)
Speaker of the National Assembly
None appointed
Majority Speaker
None appointed yet, Green Party of Seybold
First Minority Speaker
None appointed yet, Independent Party of Seybold
Second Minority Speaker
None appointed yet, Humane Party of Seybold
Third Minority Speaker
Seats9 Seats
Political groups
Majority (5):

HM Opposition (4):

Two-round system
Last election
21 April 2019
Next election
18 September 2021
Meeting place
De jure: Undisclosed land in Florida

The Lawmaker’s Council of Seybold is a section of the Seyboldish Lower Branch. The Lawmaker’s Council of Seybold consists of one representative per every two citizens of the Democratic Republic of Seybold. In total, there are nine seats in the Lawmaker’s Council of Seybold. The political party that currently holds the majority of the seats in the Lawmaker’s Council of Seybold is the Green Party of Seybold.


As of 21 April 2019, there are currently nine seats, more commonly known as representatives, in the Lawmaker’s Council of Seybold. These are the current members.

Current members

Elected members

Elected Representative Party District
Cooper Norfolk G 1st District of New Springfield
Emmett Winters G 2nd District of New Springfield
Iyan Seeker PP 3rd District of New Springfield
Ayan Laverty G 1st District of New Woodlelands
Roger Bluetoski I 2nd District of New Woodlelands
Jason Thomas H 3rd District of New Woodlelands
Ben Oh G 4th District of New Woodlelands
Jonelle Phillips I 5th District of New Woodlelands
Owen Itzen G 6th District of New Woodlelands