Lanrapids v Martinez

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Lanrapids versus Martinez was a Delphian court case


Sunwake, Lanrapids September 5th 2020. Bryan Martinez was riding his bike and parked it near his home. Once Bryan left his home to get back on his bike the Lanrapids police asked to see his bike license at first Bryan refused when the police asked again the see his bike license once again he refuses also he smelled like cigarettes the police asked him why he smelled like that and remained silent and started to leave on his bike the police then searched his wallet without permission and found no bike license so Bryan was arrested for illegal biking.


Bryan’s trial started on September 7th 2020 and the prosecutor argued that Bryan’s refusal and lying to the police was a criminal act and riding a bike without a license is illegal but his defense argued that the police conducted a illegal search and broke the 3rd amendment of the Delphian constitution but the prosecutor argued that the 3rd amendment does not apply when a person leaves the “ crime scene “ But the judge said that Bryan didn’t have to respond to the police because he isn’t required too so Bryan was founded not guilty. But Lanrapids appealed to the High Delphian Supreme Court where the trial began on September 19 2020. Prosecutor argued that the 3rd amendment does not apply when leaving the “ crime scene “ and he also smelled like cigarettes and refused to answer. The defense argued that he had a right to remain silent but the prosecutor then mentioned the Cigarette and Vape Law and it says that using cigarettes and vape was illegal and have to be 17 to use cigarettes and vape. The defense then argued that the Cigarette and Vape Law was defunct because Delphia was defeated and conquered after the end of Minnesota War 2 and all Delphian laws before the war no longer applied and Delphian congress hasn’t made a law about cigarettes but the prosecutor said that in the state of Lanrapids it is illegal to use cigarettes and in Bryan’s case must explain why he smelled like cigarettes and you must say “ I plead the 1st amendment “ as it says so in the constitution and the Bike License Law also states that you must have a license and Bryan didn’t have one. Defense argued that the police conducted a illegal search but that was overruled because Bryan had broke Lanrapids state law and a federal law which is Bike License Law so Bryan was founded guilty and had to pay 25$ USD and his bike was taken which he had to pay 9$ USD