Landgraviate of Satirno

The Landgraviate of Satirno, simply known as Satirno, is an independent state established by James Reginald Frisch. Frisch became the first Landgrave of Satirno and subsequently appointed Horatio Eden as the first Minister-President.

Landgraviate of Satirno (en)
Landgrafschaft Satirnos (de)

Satirno flag.png
Coat of arms of Satirno.png
Coat of Arms

United Kingdom
Capital cityBrandburg
Largest cityBrandburg
Official language(s)English, German
Short nameSatirno
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
- LandgraveJames I
- Minister-PresidentVacant
- Type - unicameral
Established30 July 2016
CurrencyBeaconite Moon
Time zoneGMT/BST

Satirno was previously a federal state of Abelden as well as Nordkavn. It is currently independent.