La Voix De L'arbre 2020

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La Voix De L'arbre is officially the National final for The Official Kingdom of Arbreland in the Microvision Song Festival. La Voix De L'arbre 2020 will be the second edition of La Voix De L'arbre and will be used to select Arbreland's entry in Microvision 2020.


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  Last place
La Voix De L'arbre 2020
Bienvenue à Havin!
Final date TBD 2019
Director Nathan Smith
Host broadcaster Arbreland Broadcasting Network Station (ABNS)
Venue Alexei Stadium, BiHiLi, Havin, Natia, Arbreland
Winning song TBD
Voting system
Number of entries 12 (confirmed)
Debuting countries NeutralNatiaOfficalFlag.jpeg Neutral



BiHiLiNatiaCityFlagOfficial.jpeg BiHiLi

Withdrawing countries ArquenistaniFlagOfficial.jpeg Arquenistan
Disqualified countries TBD
Nul points TBD
Draw Country Language Artist Song English translation Nat. Juries National Public Place Points
NeutralNatiaOfficalFlag.jpeg Neutral
OfficialFlagOfBorlandiaNAT.jpeg Borlandia English Karmin Acapella -
FlagOfHavinNatiaOfficialHVN.jpeg Havin English Ashnikko Hi, It's Me -
MLIFlagOKA2.jpegMeliyi English Jéja Mountains ft.Lacy Jay -
OfficialFlagOfMilandiaNATARB.jpeg Milandia
WilliamsonARQOKA.jpeg Williamson English Bohnes Straitjacket -
BoklandFlagOfficialNAT.jpeg Bokland English Alec Benjamin Death of a Hero -
BiHiLiNatiaCityFlagOfficial.jpeg BiHiLi French Joyce Jonathan On -
KilasFlagNATIA2.jpeg Kilas French Maître Gims Loup Garou ft. Sofiane
FlagOfMiriNatiaOfficial.jpeg Miri English Lewis Capaldi Before You Go -

Preceded by
La Voix De L'arbre 2019
La Voix De L'arbre 2020 Succeeded by
La Voix De L'arbre 2021