LGBT Rights in Sanctia

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in Sanctia are considered to either be suffering from a mental illness or are deemed to be practicing degeneracy based upon the type of homosexual tendencies and behavior they are exhibiting. Homosexuality is completely outlawed in Sanctia as a part of the Anti-Degeneracy and Anti-Depravity laws. Depending on the circumstance, for example, if its a mental case the patient will receive mental care and rehabilitation treatment until cured of said mental illness. If by choice the individual can serve from 1 month to 5 years in prison depending on the severness and degree of the crime.

LGBTQ+ rights in Sanctia
Same-sex sexual activity illegalNo No
Age of consentMale: 16, Female: 16
Gender identity/expressionNo/No [a]
Recognition of
No No[b]
AdoptionNo No
Military serviceNo No

Summary table

Same-sex sexual activity   No
Equal age of consent Male: 16, Female: 16
Anti-discrimination laws in employment   No
Recognition of same-sex couples   No[c]
Same-sex marriage   No
Adoption by same-sex couples   No
Gays allowed to serve in the military   No
Right to change legal gender   No[d]
Access to IVF for lesbians   No
MSMs allowed to donate blood   No[e]

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  1. Transgenderism is rightly considered a mental illness by the Blood Guard Party of Sanctia and is banned by law.
  2. Homosexuals are forbidden to marry by law.
  3. Homosexuals are forbidden to marry by law.
  4. Body Integrity is a national law and will not be subverted by Immoral and or Mentally ill activity
  5. MSM Cannot donate blood as decreed by the anti-degeneracy and anti-depravity laws.