LGBT rights in Paloma

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LGBTQ+ rights in the Socialist State of Paloma
Multi-colour stripes of the LQBTQ+ flag
Same-sex sexual activity legal?Legal
Gender identity/expressionIllegal
Recognition of
Illegal, it is considered a sin
Military serviceIllegal, unless drafted
Discrimination protectionsNone

Lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender, queer and plus rights count with no protections in Paloma. Throughout its existence Paloma has adopted several laws, which were either passed then revoked. Paloma is a very strict micronation when it comes to LGBTQ+ rights.

Same-sex marriage were legal durring the span of the First Kingdom of Quebec then later revoke and forgot about after the creation of the United People's Republic of Quebec. Today revoked of said laws stands today in Paloma.

Summary table

Same-sex sexual activity legal Yes (Always legal)
Anti-discrimination laws in employment Yes (Since 2020)
Anti-discrimination laws in the provision of goods and services Yes (Since 2020)
Anti-discrimination laws in all other areas (incl. indirect discrimination, hate speech) No (Always Illegal)
Same-sex marriage No (Always Illegal)
Recognition of same-sex unions No (Always Illegal)
Joint and step-child adoption by same-sex couples No (Always Illegal)
Gay people allowed to serve openly in the military No (Always Illegal, unless drafted)
Right to change legal gender No (Always Illegal)

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