Intermicronational organisation

Headquarters Konmalehth Server (Discord)

Official language English

Membership 14 full members

Chair Nicholas Kaos
Vice Chair of the East Stephen Freayth
Vice Chair of the West Logan Ross

– Foundation 25 August 2017
– Articles ratified 6 October 2018
– Disestablished 18 July 2020

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The Konmalehth was an intermicronational organization which aims to develop and foster cultural and economic relations between its member states. Initially formed to serve as a link between nations under the influence of Abelden and Pacem, it later included other nations such as Sabia and Verona and Atovia.

It was conceived on 25 August 2017 by Nicholas Kaos and Stephen Freayth and the Articles were formally signed on 6 October 2018[1], thereby officially establishing the organization. Discussions were largely informal and there is no specific day when its members should meet. It aims to deliberate on cultural issues and closer ties between its members through different kinds of activities and ideas. The Quorum of the Konmalehth met over its Discord server where all quorums took place from 2018 to 2020. The organization formally dissolved following the Concordiagate scandal and the deFreaythification of the Abeldane community on 18 July 2020.[2] The last Chair was Nicholas Kaos and the Vice-Chair of the East was Stephen Freayth and the Vice-Chair of the West was Logan Ross.


The name Konmalehth comes from a combination of the Flaré and Abeldane language words for "commonwealth". The name KommonStates comes from the attempt to create a name for a Konmalehth-governed community that shares their connection to each other in common. The usage of the name KommonStates tends to refer to the entire organization while the name Konmalehth refers to its government, however, this has yet to become official usage as the original 2018 Articles currently support the name Konmalehth.[3]


2020 Decline







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