Kleisoura of Lofokrithia

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Kleisoura of Lofokrithia
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Official language(s)English, Latin, Greek
Official religion(s)Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Classical Religion
- President of the SenateThe Glorious Mesazon, Marcus Cassius Julianus
- Clerk of the SenateSen. Baduila Chalkeus, Grand Chancellor
LegislatureThe Senate
- Type - Unicameral
Area claimed2 Ducates, 2 Exarchates, 28 Themes, 6 Garrisons, 2 Imperial Estates, 1 Free Village
Time zonePST

Kleisoura of Lofokrithia

The Kleisoura of Lofokrithia, is a part of the Empire of Byzantium Novum the more commonly known as Byzantium Novum, which is a micronation with various jurisdictions (political divisions) around the world. Lofokrithia is the territory of the Empire that is contained within the political boarders of Washington State in the USA, on the continent of North America. The Kleisoura of Lofokrithia is the smallest area in which jurisdictions are established and which can be created.

The Empire of Byzantium Novum is legislated by the Imperial Senate who makes laws, approves Treaties between nations, and who appoints citizens to important posts within the Empire itself. Within the territory of the Kleisoura of Lofokrithia, the Count has the authority to appoint and establish localities in which citizens of the Empire may occupy. Additionally, some roles and appointments may still need to be made, and approved by the Senate.

The Kleisoura of Lofokrithia was established on March 31st, 2019 by approval of the Senate who appointed Count Basil of Lofokrithia to govern over the territory and to recruit citizens to the Empire.


The etymology of Byzantium is unknown. It has been suggested that the name is of Thraco-Illyrian origin. Byzantium was the name given to the city on the Hellespont in Asia Minor that was later renamed by Constantine the Great to Constantinople in 324 AD and served as the capital city of the Eastern Roman Empire until it was conquered in 1453 AD by the Ottoman Turks. The name Novum is the Greek word meaning "new" in which the Empire of Byzantium Novum is recreating that which was lost or renewing the old empire.


The Empire of Byzantium Novum declared itself and its citizens a wholly sovereign micronation on the 8th of February 2010

As a sovereign nation Byzantium Novum makes the following claims to world rights and territories:

We acknowledge ancient lands which constituted the Byzantine Empire to be our cultural and religious homeland, and claim historical rights to all sites and territories which were under the direct control or administration of Constantinople and it's successor states from  324 AD to 1479 AD.

Geography & Climate

The climate of the Kleisoura of Lofokrithia is mild and wet due to being along the Pacific Coast of North America. The land is conducive to cultivation and growing grain crops, of which barley is a staple, along with wheat, and corn. The boarders of the Kleisoura encompass mountains, and the Salishan Sea, and arid high desert land to the east of the Cascade mountains. The territory receives an ample amount of rainfall each year along with sufficient snowfall in the mountain ranges.


The Kleisoura has an agricultural economy and also supports high-technology and other technical manufacturing within its boarders.

Culture & Media

The culture of Byzantium Novum is Greek and Mediterranean in nature. The Kleisoura is made up of mostly ethnic Europeans and others from around the Empire. Also, there are a large portion of the population that is agricultural in nature and farm the land and produce various crops. The population is fearlessly independent and not inclined to being subject to those peoples from other nations.

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