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Headquarters:Minister Building, Farhangrad
Established:December 2010
CEO:President Farhan Abdurrahman
Commercial bank of:Republic of Indokistan
Motto:More Money, Save Banking.

KistanBank is a defunct National Bank of Indokistan. it's Established in December 2010. This bank also printing the KistanRupiah with the branch, Indokistan Printing and, this bank also have their own money changer company, The bank is later closed due of inactivity when KistanRupiah currency are removed and changed to Rupiah in June 22nd.


KistanBank have 5 Branches nationwide, there are in:

  • Minister Bulding, Farhangrad
  • KistanHotel
  • KistanMall
  • Western Stadium
  • Farhan Abdurrahman International Airport

All branches are closed when KistanBank became inactive.