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This villa is part of the [[Lesser Hosamia Province]]
This villa is part of the [[Proper Hosamia Province]]

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—  Villa  —

Nickname(s): "Capital of Hosamia"
Motto: '
Villa TicronvidianHosamia.jpg Ticronvidian Protectorate of Hosamia
Established September 19 2016
 - Mayor Prince Hosamulas
 - Total 1


When Hosamia started, this immediately became the capital, it is a house with a backyard, a parking lot, a forest, it is a villa, the Imperial Throne itself, it is part of the Lesser Hosamia Province


1 war was fought over this, the Hosamian-Babikirian Conflict, due to no one knowing who claimed the backyard first.


When Babikiria annexed Hosamia on June 1, 2019, the Imperial Throne became absorbed to the villa of Capitalcoco.


When Aboudia was formed under Ticronvidia, this became the capital and Babikir was chosen to govern it.

Return of Hosamia

The villa changed the name to Kinhos when the Babikirian Crown was destroyed


This villa is part of the Proper Hosamia Province