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|leader_title3          =  
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|leader_title4          =  
|leader_name            = [[User:Hosamulas|Crown Prince Hosamulas]]
|leader_name            = [[User:Hosamulas|Sovereign Prince Hosamulas]]
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|leader_name1          =  
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|leader_name2          =  

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Imperial Throne
—  Capital of Hosamia  —


Coat of arms
Nickname(s): "Capital of Hosamia"
Motto: '
City MyFlag2.svg Principality of Hosamia
Established September 19 2016
 - Mayor Sovereign Prince Hosamulas
 - Total 2


When Hosamia started, this immediately became the capital, it is a house with a backyard, a parking lot, a forest, and another house. It is unique because it is a city that directly listens to the monarch, not a province.


2 wars were fought over this like the Babikir Dynasty Conflict and the Hosamian-Babikirian Conflict.