Kingdom of the Saugeen

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Kingdom of the Saugeen
Saugeen Flag.png
National Flag
Saugeen coat of arms.jpg
Coat of arms

"Across the River"
United and Free

Capital citySaugeen City
Official language(s)English
- MonarchLucian McDonald
Established7 September 2018
CurrencyCanadian dollar
National animalgrey hound


west ontario

political partys

(No logos yet) These are for the future prime minister witch will have equal power to |the king |Liberals 3 |Communest 1 |Facist 1


The kingdom of the saugeen has a very small military with 5 total soldiers and 1 supply carrier these are devided into the company's with the 1st Infantry company having 3 soldiers and the 2nd infantry company having 2 soldiers