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Kingdom of the Saugeen

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The Kingdom of the Saugeen is a micronation comprising of 3 states and a federal district. The capital is Saugeen City as well as the most populous city. Most of the country is located in North America with most borders touching Canada. The Kingdom of the Saugeen is an absolute monarch and is one of the founding member nations of the Vanguard League.

Kingdom of the Saugeen
Saugeen Flag.png
National Flag
Saugeen coat of arms.jpg
Coat of arms

"Across the River"
United and Free

Capital citySaugeen City
Official language(s)English
- MonarchLucian McDonald
Established7 September 2018
CurrencyCanadian dollar
National animalgrey hound




West Ontario


West Ontario is the second smallest state by population.



Geeba is the largest state by land and population.

Saugeen City


Saugeen City is the capital of the Kingdom of the Saugeen it has the second biggest population and land area it is not a state its a federal district.


Smallest in land and population state has not flag.

Political parties

(No logos yet) These are for the future prime minister witch will have equal power to the King.

  • Liberals 3
  • Communist 1
  • Fascist 1


The Kingdom of the Saugeen has a very small military with 5 total soldiers and 1 supply carrier these are divided into the companies with the 1st Infantry company having 3 soldiers and the 2nd infantry company having 2 soldiers.