Kingdom of Zealandia Defence Force

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Kingdom of Zealandia Defence Force Te Ope Kaatua o Zealandia

Königreich von Zealandia Streitkräften


logo of the KOZDF

Motto: Ära integritet och lojalitet

March None as of yet
Established 2 March 2010
Country Kingdom of Zealandia
Nicknames None
Branches Army, Navy, Air Force
Sub-branches Customs and Borders Police Service
Previous Engagements None
Commander-in-Chief HM King Anthony
Minister of Defense Admiral Mark Fowler
General information
Headquarters Denton Citadel (ZNB Denton)
Active personnel 10 (all Zealandian are in the Military)
Standard weapon Taurus PT24/7
Assault weapon Classified
Under Construction

The Kingdom of Zealandia Defence Force (Maori: Te Ope Kaatua o Zealandia, German: Konigreich von Zealandia Streitkraften) abrivated as KOZDF is the National Defence force of the Kingdom of Zealandia.

The KOZDF Consist of:

  • Zealandian Air Force


The KOZDF is run by the Council of Chiefs of Staff which is headed by HM King Anthony who is also the Commander in Chief of the KOZDF.

Each Component Organisation is headed by a Chief of Staff.

The Chiefs of Staffs are:

  • Field Marshall King Anthony (Army)
  • Air Marshall Jayson King (Air Force)
  • Admiral Sir Mark Fowler (Naval Service)

The KOZDF also in conjunction with the Home Ministry runs the Customs and Borders Police.


The Ranks of the KOZDF component oragiansations are designed to have an equle rank in the other forces.

Legal Status

The KOZDF was established in the Zealandian Constitution and by the Defences Act 2010 legaly the Commander in Chief is HM King Anthony alought the KOZDF is in reality commanded by the Chiefs of Staff and the Ministry of Defence

Threat Level

The KOZDF has a system of military readiness, very similar to the United States' DEFCON System. It is called Military Readiness Level, and is often referred to as just as MILRED.

The KOZDF also has a base security level system called SAFE BASE.

Current SAFE BASE level
Current MILRED Level

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