Kingdom of Terra Nostra

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Terra Nostra (Teh-Rah NOs-strah), officially the Kingdom of Terra Nostra, is a micronation founded in the Southern United States of America and has territory in Pennsylvania, Maine, West Virgina, and New Port Richey,FL. Operating out of Orlando,Fl, it is a Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy made up of the privately-owned Homesteads within the United States of America whom have taken an Oath of Fealty, with the Ancestral Home of the Royal family Pueblo,Guatemala.

The Objective is to secure land outside of the Parent Nation for a permanent Relocation of the Citizens of Terra Nostra and to receive a formal acknowledgement as a Sovereign state. The Constitution (La Doctrina Navareen) was written and enacted on 08/23/2017, after announcing it's independence to it's local authority on 09/03/2017 as the Nabe Kingdom of Navarro, reintroduced as the Kingdom of Terra Nostra with a declaration directly recorded from the King-Nabe(Nah-Beh; K'iche for First(1st)) to the US Army on 03/08/2019. Since no reply was received, the Kingdom has moved forward, as the De-Facto government in the territories of the Land-owners,their families and households that reside within.

Currently, each territory is Semi-Autonomous that generate their own incomes, apply their own customs as well as develop specialized skills to aid in furthering the goals of it's people. The Kingdom has a Royal Cabinet called the Council of Advocation, with the Court of Advocation located in the Main Hall of the Royal estate. Unless appointed to a Hereditary Title by order of the King-Nabe or has title at the Time of Founding, a citizen is a Free-man/woman unless sworn to a Noble House, who's duty is to the Greater Good of the Kingdom. The Hereditary titles are held in perpetuity with trust from the Crown and have due authority to act at the behest of the King-Nabe to serve the Will of the People whom live within that House's Lands.