Kingdom of Richensland

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Kingdom of Richensland
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Hail to the King's Crown
North Region, Singapore, Bir Tawil, Mary Byrd Land
Capital citySjerelyslau
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular State
Short nameRichensland
GovernmentUnitary Parliamentry Semi-Constitutional Elective Monarchy under a Benevolent Dictatorship
- King-EmperorAniq Sufyan
- Prime MinisterS.Thanukshan (first)
M.Ryan (last)
- Deputy Prime MinisterSulaliman (popular)
LegislatureNational Council
Established13 August 2020
Area claimed1,612,194.5 km²
CurrencySingapore dollars
National dishAmerican fried rice
National drinkLemon tea
National animalPhoenix
Kingdom of Richensland