Kingdom of Reichproviz

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Kingdom of Reichproviz
Flag of the Kingdom of Reichproviz .jpgCoat of Arms of the Kingdom of Reichproviz 001.png

For His Majesty and For Reichproviz
Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica
Capital cityReichproviz City
Official language(s)English
Short nameReichproviz
GovernmentReichprovizian Royal Government
- MonarchKing Fionn I
- Prime MinisterRobert H.
PopulationUnknown (As of January 2021 census)
Time zone(UTC)
This nation is a founding member of the Congress of Micronations.

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The Kingdom of Reichproviz, more commonly known as Reichproviz, is a micronation in Antarctica. The nation was founded on the 3rd of January 2021.

The monarch is the Head of State and Head of Government. The Prime Minister is the Acting Head of Government.

Reichproviz is a founding member of the Congress of Micronations and has two overseas territories.


The Kingdom of Reichproviz declared independence on the 3rd of January 2021. Fionn I, the founder of the nation, was appointed as the monarch.

Politics and government

Parliament consists of two houses, the Lower House and the Upper House. Any member of parliament is allowed to propose a law.

Law proposals must be approved by a majority of the Lower House and are then sent to the Upper House, who determine the legality of the law proposal. If it is determined legal, it will be sent to the monarch via the Parliamentary Council. Laws must be approved by the monarch before being signed to order.

The Lower House consists of 50 seats, all of whom can be elected, or can be appointed by the monarch directly. Lower House elections take place at the discretion of the monarch.

The Upper House consists of the same amount of seats as recognized Duchies and Earldoms within Reichproviz. The Holder of a Duchy or Earldom receives a seat in the Upper House.

Law and order

The military of Reichproviz is responsible for upholding law and order within Reichproviz.

Judges of the Civil Court and Judges of the Criminal Court are appointed directly by the monarch.

Foreign relations

Reichproviz has formally recognized the Republic of Bushistan.


The military consists of only one branch, the Cyber Department.

The military has been mobilized several times.

The monarch is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.


The Treasury of Reichproviz, officially His Imperial Majesty's Treasury of the Kingdom of Reichproviz, has a large amount of control over the Reichprovizian Economy.

Culture and media

The Reichprovizian Constitution recognizes English as the official language. German and Spanish are considered to be unofficial languages.

Education in Reichproviz is regulated by His Imperial Majesty's Department of Education of the Kingdom of Reichproviz. Schools can only be officially founded via Royal Charter.

The Reichprovizian Times is the official news company of Reichproviz.

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