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Not to be confused with Kingdom of Quebec (2019).
Motto: Dieu à ma droite
(French: God at my right.)
Republic of Quebec (orthographic projection).svg

Largest cityCitadelle
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesFrench, Québécois Cryillic
Recognised regional languagesBaustralian, Ikonian
Ethnic groups
97% White
3% Black
GovernmentUnitary semi-federal parliamentary semi-presidential absolute monarchy
• Monarch
Aidan I
• President
Dylan Sweet
House of Lords
House of Commons
• Independence from United People's Republic of Quebec
31 May 2019
• Total
2,072 km2 (800 sq mi)
• Estimate
Citizens: 51
GDP (nominal)2019 estimate
• Total
$15 RQD
• Per capita
$0.24 RQD
CurrencyQuébécois Dollar (RQD)
Time zoneEST
Date formatdd/mm/yy
yyyy-mm-dd (AD)
Driving sideright
Patron saintSt. Denis
RIS 002 codeRQ

The Kingdom of Québec (KOQ), officially the Second Kingdom of Québec and Versailles, is a self-proclaimed landlocked Federation and Kingdom which is a sovereign state or micronation, located in the the U.S state of Michigan and the region of Quebec. The Kingdom of Quebec includes the island of Île à Dumais, and others. It has a unitarian absolute monarchist government, with a dominating Socialist Party in power, as the monarch, Aidan I, rules over it. It is the head of the Quebecois Empire, governing over three states claimed as a result of the Quebecois Expansion.

The Kingdom of Québec was formed after the dissolution of the United People's Republic of Quebec, and then again after the dissolution of the People's Federation of Quebec after the Monarch, Aidan I, became a Conservative and began to take interest in imperialism and monarchism again.


The word Québec comes from the Canadian city with the same name, the definition of Quebec is an Algonquin word which means "where the river narrows", referring to the Canadian city where the Saint Lawrence River narrows to a cliff-lined gap.[1]


The first and current Monarch, Aidan I fully created the Kingdom's laws, principals and flag. Since 27 April 2019, the Kingdom has not entered into a diplomatic issue with any other micronation.'

Declaration of independence

A scanned image of the original Quebecois Declaration of Independence, now housed in Pennington Estate.

On 31 of May 2019, the then President of the United People's Republic of Quebec, had made a choice. That was to disbaned the republic in favor of returning as a ruling monarch. Aidan I knew he would have to make some type of proclamation for all to see. He began righting a simple declaration based on the principles of a lot of modern cultures, Liberty, life, and Happiness. He then passed the document finally through his former People's Assembly, which the former Speaker latter wrote at the bottom, "Signed and Aproved by Speaker of the Worker's Council". The Declaration was not released to the public until shortly after the dissolution of the Republic. Many at first were outraged with the closure of the republic, and some even hated Imperialism because of former propaganda spread around during the republics short time. It was latter agreed that the declaration was to bring the Quebecois together, not apart.

On 2 of June 2019, many began to believe that the claimed signature of the former president was forged. Many believed this was a continuation of the Operation Macht, which was a coup plan to turn the former republic into monarchy again or turn Quebec into puppet states. These conspiracy spread like wild fire from town to town, and soon to the King himself. He latter made a announcement on QBC radio that it indeed was his real signature and that this was not another coup attempt like before.

Creation of Parliament

During its formation, many debated whether the government should be controlled centrally, by the King, or by a small group who cannot over rule the King, with a bicameral government. The upper house, the House of Lords, consists of the speaker, and all peers of Quebec. The lower house, House of Commons, consists of the Cabinet Ministers and a speaker. Sometimes, the President of Prime minster will join as Member of Parliament for Versailles, however both houses have no power and cannot overrule the Monarch, That was soon to end.

End of Parliament

On the 3 of June 2019, the Commons of the Parliament began discussing the next in line for the throne, other then family. The MP's stated that the King was "Unfit" for barring a successor. The King later acknowledged those words and called the Commons into the House of Lords for a Throne Speech. Aidan I stared at the MP's one by one, he then slowly stated, "Talk of the to be child of mine from the right of succession, is treason. Any who speak against it are setting them seleves up for no legitimate authority, and to those who continue to agree are wrong. Can anyone here contemplate such evil and disgust without horror? Let there be no confusion, of my successor, it shall be a McGrath, a Royal a Monarch. That is my heir, and will remain so. His right is ordained by the covenant i swore with God. Anyone who denies this is an enemy of God, Myself and the Kingdom, think on that before this group does anything more. May all of you use this as an example of me accessing my power. I hereby declare this Royal Parliament, dissolved." After this he left the room all MP's were in shock that the King had gone this far. That was the end of the Quebecois Parliament. Later a Provisional Parliament was latter created.


The Kingdom of Quebec has had very few altercations with other micronations, however the recurring problem in foreign relations with Quebec is the Kingdom of Baustralia. Baustralia has been disliked for awhile, ever since the Fox Islands dispute, to the 2019 Kapresh constitutional crisis, Quebec and Baustralia would be grabbing at each others necks. The peak grew at the point of the 2019 Quebecois coup d'état attempt, that is when the popular phrase, "Down with the fish" began. Now the phrase is seen as more of a joke, then a statement.


A photo taken around the 70s of the the band "Paul McCartney and the Wings", outside of the Uniroyal Giant Tire. Now a Quebec attraction.

The main culture derives from the US State of Michigan, and the country of Canada. Religions practiced and recognized by the government are Roman catholicism. Internet culture is also very common in Quebec, such as with memes. Demographically and ethnically, Quebec considers itself to be very diverse due to its roots coming from all around the world.


Music is the most frequent form of Quebec culture. Rock and roll music, and Rap music are perhaps one of the most influential aspect of Québécois culture. Three of the most listened artists are XXXTentacion, the classic rock band, Queen, and the British folk-band, the Beatles.


Architecture in Quebec is very classical and mostly are Gothic Revival style or Art Deco, with the exception of a few modern buildings.

100 Quebecois Dollars

One of the Most famous structures built is the Uniroyal Giant Tire. The tire was designed by the same company that made the iconic, "Empire State Building", Shreve, Lamb & Harmon. The tire first debuted at the 1964 New York World's Fair as the US Royal Giant Tire Ferris Wheel. The wheel carried over two million people, including prominent passengers such as Jacqueline Kennedy, Telly Savalas, and the Shah of Iran. After the fair it was relocated to Michigan on the side of I-94 and now currently sits in Québécois territory.


The most frequent form of Quebec culture. Rock and roll music, and Rap music are perhaps one of the most influential aspect of Québécois culture. Two most listened to artist are XXXTentacion and the classic rock band, Queen also, popular is the Beatles


In recent years, the Kingdom has set up and created new rights to surpass the old controversial laws against the LGBT. On 1 May 2019, a bill was passed to make gay marriage legal. In response to the bill, the government created a special five dollar heart shaped coin with a LGBT graphic on the reverse, which was later revoked and the template coins were destroyed.


American actor, David Caruso is seen signing autographing in 1989, in a mall that is now located in Quebec

In the Kingdom of Quebec, transportation between areas is key. The Kingdom has adapted there own MUTCD inspired road signs and has even created and installed national highways. Quebec is also has a Railway system being used from already existing tracks on parts of the Detroit.


The Kingdom of Quebec has many companies and store brands that are exclusive to the country only. These include, Xtreme, or Xtreme Skatebording co. Los Bay Petros company, Atoyot and holdings company Dumais-Couleuvres McGrath. The Kingdom also runs the Intermicronational news company, the Quebecois Broadcasting Company which is also the oldest news company in Quebec.

Languages and dialects

In Quebec, there a multiple languages including, English, French, Québécois Cryillic and in some cases, Baustralian and Ikonian. What makes Quebec's english different from most of the world is that they use symbols and letters from what is now known as Old English. These symbols include, the Interrobang and the Inverted question and exclamation marks.


A picture of Enrico Fermi, seen by most in Quebec as a environmental issue.

In Quebec, there is a very big community of Environmentalists, who believe in ideas of power with clean energy, like Wind or Solar. There is even a Green party in Quebec, to support these ideas. Quebec however does not have enough funding to afford its own power system. Most electrical power comes from the Enrico Fermi Nuclear Generating Station, also know as, Fermi. Fermi is disliked by many Quebecois citizens for the safety and stability of the plant. Fermi has even had a "partial meltdown", in the 60s, this is what fears most people in Quebec. These ideas made the imfamous book by John G. Fuller, We Almost Lost Detroit a popular hit.

National holidays

National holidays practiced by the Kingdom of Quebec are significant to the countries history, and culture.

Holiday Date Meaning
Relaxation Day April 2 A day to have fun and relax
Quebec Day April 27 A day to celebrate the foundation of the Kingdom
Victory Day May 9 Celebrate the Allies win over Axis powers
National Poppy Day May 24 Sacrifice worn by Québécois since War on Terror to honor those who served and died
Resistance Day November 30 A day to Protest against any problems or issues that the nation is in

Government and politics

The government is a absolute monarchy, with a bicameral government. The upper house, the House of Lords, consists of the speaker, and all peers of Quebec. The lower house, House of Commons, consists of the Cabinet Ministers and a speaker.

Quebec has a semi-parliamentary system, which is were the main houses, Commons and Lords, meet into on centralized room, this is sometimes referred to as the Central government. Sometimes, the President of Prime minster will join as Member of Parliament for Versailles, however both houses have no power and cannot overrule the Monarch.

Quebec's semi-federal structure divides government responsibilities between the federal government and the 3 provinces. The provinces elect leaders to become a Member of Parliament and, join the house of commons to represent the province. Territories however, do not have the right to hold any legal representation and are usually managed by the Central government.

Quebec's Unitary system puts everything mostly under an centralized governing rule.

The current leaders are, the Monarch who has absolute power, King Aidan I, the President Dylan Sweet and finally, the Prime Minister vaccant. Everyone execept for the Monarch has no power. The Monarch can overrule anybody in the government, since the monarch has absolute power.

List of political parties

Political parties in Quebec are a big factor in the Kingdom. Most of the Parliament is apart of one or more parties. Currently the Leading party is the Green Party, which is a friendly Socialist and Environmentalist political party, with goals of becoming socially equal and becoming eco-friendly with the environment. The second most popular party is the People's Party, which is a Communist and Socialist party with goals of creating a peoples republic.


The Constitution of Quebec is the supreme law of the country, and consists of written text and unwritten conventions and deals.

Foreign relations and military

The Kingdom of Quebec recognizes these sovereign states, and their colonies.


In late May 2019, Quebec was making its final decison to complete Quebexit. Quebexit was the plan to leave all organisations with members apart of the 2019 Quebecois coup d'état attempt, except the Grand Unified Micronational. After re-establishing the Kingdom once more, the Monarch had decided to finish Quebexit and leave most organisations. Quebexit is still an active on going process.

In early June 2019, many Quebecois wanted to rejoin the Joint International Space Administration, or otherwise know as JISA. Quebec left the Administration during the period of its first Kingdom, the departure was because of "Lack of motion", said Aidan I, in a diplomatic call with the sovereign of Ikonia, Cameron I. Many still attempted to push to re-join the Administration, which let the King to release the statement of, "Did you all really think with a cheap drone, we could fly it high enough to see the curvature of the Earth?".

Provinces and territories

File:Political map of Canada.png
A political map of Canada showing its 10 provinces and 3 territories

Quebec is a semi-federation composed of 3 provinces and one territory. Together, the provinces collect more revenue than the federal government, an almost unique structure among federations in the world. Using its spending powers, the federal government can initiate national policies in provincial areas, such as the Vaccination Health Act; the provinces can opt out of these, but rarely do so in practice. Equalization payments are made by the federal government to ensure reasonably uniform standards of services and taxation are kept between the richer and poorer provinces.

Geography and Climate

Most of the land area in Quebec is mostly flat and a little hilly. There are many forested places around Quebec and many small plants and trees.

A typical road in the Kingdom of Quebec

Quebec is located southwest of the US state of Michigan, the climate is close to the city of Taylor.

Climate data for Flag of the Country of Quebec.svg Quebec and Flag of the Country of Versailles.svg Versailles
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °F (°C) 32
Average low °F (°C) 18
Source: National Weather Service of Michigan

Quebec Armed Forces

The Quebec Armed Forces is the military of the republic. Personnel are mostly in the navy, though an army and air force also exists.


Law and order

The Kingdom of Quebec has had only one court case, back when they were still the Republic of Quebec. It was Quebec v. Rex Baustralicus, where John I was convicted of high treason.

The Kingdom of Quebec has also banned several things as apart for the Quebecois Secret Police to follow, the following are banned.

  • Cigarettes
  • E-cigarettes or "vapes"
  • Fascist political parties
  • Rioting
  • Furry fandoms
  • Alcohol usage from 23:00 to 12:00


Laws regarding marijuana inside the Kingdom are strict. On 5 November 2018, The previous legislature, the House of Reps, voted that marijuana, as it is seen in the Kingdom, is a gateway drug to many other drugs such as methamphetamines, and prescription abuse. Marijuana is only used for medicinal purposes, and only for the sick and dying to numb any pain and help relax the patients.


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