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|image1            = [[File:Neuvilleland flag.png|150px]]<br>Flag
|image1            = [[File:Neuvilleland flag.png|150px]]<br>Flag
|image2            = [[File:545px-Blason ville fr Neuville-les-Dames (Ain).svg.png|130px]]<br>Coat of Arms
|image2            = [[File:545px-Blason ville fr Neuville-les-Dames (Ain).svg.png|130px]]<br>Coat of Arms
|motto              = <!-- Motto -->
|motto              = La'nuwerka Sahdwer ïjiwdka uwer's
|anthem            =  
|anthem            = Werjid Sahdwerka
|location          = North East England
|location          = North East England
|capital            = Isis City
|capital            = Isis City

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Republic of Neuvilleland
Respublika La'nuwerka Sahdwer

Neuvilleland flag.png
Coat of Arms

La'nuwerka Sahdwer ïjiwdka uwer's
Werjid Sahdwerka
North East England
Capital cityIsis City
Largest cityHaswell Plough
Official language(s)Neuvilleish Daltonese
Official religion(s)Catholic
Short nameNeuvilleland
GovernmentConstitutional Republic
- PresidentMatthew Close
- Temporary LeaderRilgar Ompastre
CurrencyHylin and Synno (currently in development)
Time zoneGMT
National dishChicken Carbonara
National animalPigeon

Under Construction

Neuvilleland (Pronounced: "Noo-Vill-Land") (Neuvillish:La'nuwerka Sahdwer) (Offially:The Republic of Neuvilleland) is a very large micronation in North East England.

It borders Dalton an is run by it's leader Matthew Close.

It was inspired by Dalton and Harcane.


The Neuvillish President, Matthew Close is currently developing the Neuvillelish language. It uses a constructed writing system known as the Neuvilleish Script.


Official Currency

The Neuvilleish goverment is currently developing the Hylin and the Synno.

Unofficial Currency

Neuvilleland still accepts the British pound sterling, but the Neuvilleish goverment does not reconise it as an official currency.

Ministry of Defense

  • Neuvilleland is currently making a prototype microlight.
  • Neuvilleland has a small army at the moment but is looking to expand it.
  • The Neuvilleish Army currently uses a few Nerf guns and is needing More weapons.
  • The Neuvilleish army has 3 regular soldiers that patrol the grounds.
  • Neuvilleland is currently using a highly modified ride on lawn mower as a pick up truck and they are also building a bespoke trailer.


Neuvilleland is located in North East England, within County Durham. It borders Dalton, it formally bordered with part of the Ossavak Federation.


Neuvillish dishes include "sijpertade" which is Conchiglie pasta in Carbonara sauce with chicken. "žikah" is a popular Neuvillish delicasy, it consists of Cold bacon and spreadable cheese in a tortilla, served cold. Chocolate mouse is a very popular traditional desert in Neuvilleland.