Kingdom of Neo Ongwanada

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Kingdom Of Neo Ongwanada
Flag of Neo Ongwanada.png Flag

Long live the King,
Largest cityGreenField
Official language(s)Ongwanadan English French
Official religion(s)Secular
- MonarchDakota Jaax
- Prime MinisterJazz Jaxx
- Chief JusticeAnand Unnithan
Established10 July 2018
Population35 (2020)
CurrencyIustian dollar
National sportHockey
National drinkFresh Lemonade
National animalCat
This country is a member of The Kingston and the 1000 islands nations

The Kingdom of Neo Ongwanada is a micronation that is located in the Canadian city of Kingston, Ontario with a population of 35 as of 2018.


The KIngsdom of Neo Ongwanada's history started on July 15, 2015 when The Kingdom of Ongwanada was declared, Ongwanada has had 5 reigning monarchs and 1 civil war.

Reign of Queen Sierra

The reign of Queen Sierra Babado of Ongwanada began shortly after Ongwanada declared independence from Canada with an election, the candidates were Josh Comdom and Sierra Babado. Sierra won the election becomeing Queen of Ongwanada and at first was popular but soon turned into a more dictatorial person closing The Parliament of Ongwanada and striping people of there titles. this caused a civil war in which Austin Jaax and Merrick Babado rebelled against Queen Sierra, gathering a small army they stated there the war off with Success capturing Fort Bigras and Fort Merrick but after a blow at the battle of Josh rocks along with Sierra bringing in mercenary's the rebellion quickly fell after that with Sierra Gaining absolute control and Ongwanada falling into in activity.

Reign of King Merrick (disputed)

During the civil war the government on the side of the rebellion proclaimed Merrick Babado teh brother of Queen Sierra as King of Ongwanada, Merrick during his reign din't have all the atrie of the monarch of Ongwanada but did have the leaf sash when he stole it from Sierra. His reign only lasted From August 27 - September 3, 2015 in which his government did little as it only existed during a civil war but in its shot time did introduce a new currency and passed a new constitution.

Reign of King Austin

After when Ongwanada fell into inactivity, very little happend while Queen Sierra was still in charge with Josh Comdom moving away and Merrick becoming disinterested in Ongwanada all together. On one day in September 2017 Austin Jaax and Mohammed Dealvi were talking and Austin told him about Ongwanada and Mohammed and him started planning on bringing Ongwanada back from inactivity. Later that month Austin wrote a new constitution partly based on the one that Merrick wrote along with Austim's help. Mohammed and Austibn later forced Sierra to call and election after several times and in October an election was held with the candidates Sierra Babado vs Austin Jaax and Zach Patrick, Zach was non serious and Sierra was un popular which resulted in Austin Jaax becoming King of Ongwanada. During his reign he introduced many reforms bringing back a parliament and election unfortunately tho many citizens including King Austin felt that Ongwanada was a lost cause and Austin started to work with some on the more serious citizens on a new nation which became The Iustus Republic on February 14 Austin resigned as King of Ongwanada putting Mohammed as King for a day and on February 15 The Iustus Republic was born, Austin was King only for a few months.

Reign of King Dakota

After Iustus was born Ongwanada was disbanded, but then the brother of Austin Jaax Dakota Jaax got interested in micronations and created The Republic of Johnsonville, which turned into The Principality of Greenfield. In July 2018 Dakota wanted to make a new micronation so he asked Austin Jaax if he could use the word Ongwanada and he said yes but it is a different country so put the word neo in it, in order for legitimacy he got Merrick in it and on July 10, 2018 The Kingdom of Neo Ongwanada was born and that same day joined The Kingston and the 1000 islands nations organization.

Administrative regions

Name Flag Coat of Arms Map Delegates in PA Citizens
Bir Tawli 30
Old Curtis 5