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Kingdom of Nauli

Royal State of Green Nauli (Indonesian: Negara Kerajaan Green Nauli), also known as Kingdom of Nauli, or simply Nauli or Green Nauli, was a micronation located in Indonesian island of Sumatra. It was established in 2013 and led by Prince Abdul Khalik Daulay. DT Town was the capital and the largest city of Nauli. Green Nauli was later merged to Drastharaya in October 2014, and collapsed shortly after the dissolution of Drastharaya in March 2015.

Royal State of Green Nauli
Negara Kerajaan Green Nauli


2013 — 2014

Bendera nauli.jpg
Logo nauli.jpg
Coat of arms

Berdaulat Maha Kaya
Sovereign makes great
Sumatra, Indonesia
Capital cityDT Town
Largest cityCentral Nauli
Official language(s)Indonesian & Mandailing
Official religion(s)Islam
- PrincePrince Abdul Khalik Daulay
Area claimed1 km²
CurrencyIndonesian Rupiah
Time zoneUTC + 7

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