Kingdom of Natal

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{{Infobox nation |name = Grand Duchy of Natal
Groot Hertogdom van Natal
Groothertogdom Natal |image1 = Natalflag.png
Flag |image2 = Natalgreatarms.png
Coat of Arms |motto = VRY EN ONVERVEERD |anthem = [[w:De Vlaamse Leeuwe|The Return] |location = USA, South Africa |capital = TBD |largest_city = TBD |languages = Afrikaans, Dutch, English |demonym = Natalian |government = Absolute monarchy |head of state = Monarch |head of government = |hos_name = HRH Joseph I, Grand Duke of Natal |hog_name = |legislature = Chamber of Lords |established = 9 August 2014 |area = |population = |population_notes = |currency = |time_zone = |nat_animal = Wildebeest |pat_saint = |web = }}

The Grand Duchy of Natal is self-proclaimed monarchist community and sovereign state which claims to be the legitimate government of KwaZulu-Natal Province in South Africa. It is ruled over by its Grand Duke, His Royal Highness Joseph I. Its legislative body is the Chamber of Lords, and the Grand Duchy's reigning house is the House of Emmanuel.