Kingdom of Munificence

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Kingdom of Munificence

Sacrificium est officium meum (Latin: My job is to sacrifice)
Arizona & Pennsylvania, United States
Capital cityThe King's Keep
Largest cityThe King's Keep
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christianity
Short nameMunificence
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- MonarchKing Noah I
Area claimed0.06km²
Population11 (as of 2018 census)
Time zone(UTC)
National sportnone
National animalFrog
Patron saintSt. Pier Giorgio Frassati


The Kingdom Of Munificence is a micronation founded on July 22, 2018 due to the extreme income inequality and rising poverty in first and third world nations.


Munificence takes its' name from the early 15c. Middle French "unificence", from Latin munificentia "bountifulness, liberality, generosity," from stem of munificus "generous, bountiful, liberal," literally "present-making," from munus "gift or service, duty, office" + unstressed stem of facere "to do".

The King selected the name so that no man, woman, or child Citizen of Munificence shall ever forget the purpose for which their nation was formed: to be a force for good in the world, to take in the weak, the sick, the hungry, and the poor and provide for them what they need to become successful.


Munificence was created out of the goodwill of King Noah I. The King was born into a lower middle-class family before being cast an outlaw at the young age of 17. He endured 4 months of torture at the hands of the United States Government and claims to have lasted three full months of deprivation before he started to break down. During this time, the king grappled with the nature of morality, immorality, governments, and the injustices of what we call 'justice' in our society. Upon his release, the sentencing judge apologized to him for his mistreatment, and granted him full Rights restored. From here, the King set out listlessly, a damaged man trying to make sense of a world that in his eyes was evil.

He found employ in the security industry where he worked for two years suffering many injuries before he moved on to a more peaceful employ in a warehouse. Whilst at work one day, a co-worker dropped an air conditioner several feet on to the his head causing serious injuries. The King, with a TBI and near clinically-decapitated attempted to continue to work before collapsing and finally asking his managers for relief. The managers then attempted to leave him at a bus stop hoping he would die, fortunately he was able to find transit home and rested for two days.

On the second day and for the next year and a half, the King suffered excruciating pain. Unable to work, he soon found himself homeless, broke, and with winter approaching he was forced to endure the worst part of his recovery in the freezing cold. During this course of events, he made a vow that never again would anyone in his family suffer the way he has and started work on a project to create indestructible, generational wealth for his family.

The King eventually discovered his royal bloodline through DNA testing, he is a patrilineal descendent of Niall of the Nine Hostages, the High King of Ireland, and a descendent of the Leece clan whose castle in the Isle of Man is now home to a Museum documenting the Island's history. It was at this point that he realized if the powers that be in the world today are capable of oppressing even royal bloodlines, the common man has little to no hope for ever escaping their cruelty. He changed his goal family and instead founded the Kingdom of Munificence to help those who are suffering improve their standing in the world.

Government and politics

The Government of Munificence is a Constitutional Monarchy controlled by a Parliament. The Organizations in the Parliament are:

The House, constituted by the Lords/Ladies of Munificence whom are elected by popular vote by the People draft new laws and send them to the King for his confirmation or veto.

The Order of Munificence, constituted by the Knights of Munificence are elected for consideration by their fellow military brethren and ordained by a vote of the current members of the Order. The Order is under the King's control and functions as the executive branch of government.

The King's Court, constituted by the Magistrate of Munificence whom are carefully selected by the King's Council and confirmed by the People however, the People may vote in a new Magistrate if they so choose. The King's Court is highest in the land and handles the most pressing and important of judicial affairs.

The King's Council, constituted by the Wisemen of Munificence. One Wiseman is elected by popular vote from each organization in Parliament to the Council. The King may also add non-voting, advisory members to the council; commonly bestowed as an honorary title for Citizens whom have rendered extraordinary service to their country.

The entirety of Parliament is required by Constitutional Law to meet once per year on the first Monday in December. This gathering of the organizations follows American Parliamentary procedure.

Law and order

There are no prisons in Munificence, instead they opt to rely on their host nation for handling a majority of the fairly non-existent criminal affairs, however punishments for crimes range from relatively mild to harsh with the harshest punishment the stripping of Citizenship.

Foreign relations

Munificence currently has no foreign relations with any nation.


Munificence's military consists of an unorganized militia. It has not been involved in any conflicts to date.


The economy of Munificence is budding with a small export of software and a small subsistence farm industry


The King is currently in the process of creating a newspaper for the Kingdom.