Kingdom of Minaminoo

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The Kingdom of Minaminoo, more commonly known as Minaminoo, is a micronation in North America.

It was founded in 2016 after Her Majesty, King Marzi Ute I showed her 1st grade teacher a piece of paper with the name "MINAMINOO" on it, and asked her to identify the consonants and vowels.

This nation is an absolute hereditary monarchy. There are some political freedoms- like voting on a criminal's punishment.

This is a lesser known micronation. During the 1st King's childhood, she was discriminated against.


Not much is known about the naming process.


The first Minaminese Memory was in 2016: Her Majesty, King Marzi Ute I showed her 1st grade teacher a piece of paper with the name "MINAMINOO" on it, and asked her to identify the consonants and vowels.

In her 4th grade year, she strongly supported democracy.

In the summer between her 4th and 5th grade years, she visited the United Kingdom and France. She fell in love with monarchy again.

In 6th grade, she started working on The Kingdom of Minaminoo a lot more. In April 2020 (end of 6th grade), she started having random stories in her head.

In 7th grade, she officially considered herself an absolute monarchist. She started a "Monarchie Board" where she wrote monarchist propoganda. She got bullied for that-- "You communist!" while getting hit by a jacket. Her parents told her to stop the board. She did. She also started using Minaminoo as a project base (Secret Projects).

Politics And Government

This is an absolute hereditary monarchy. The King makes laws, but a regular citizen can request laws that do not remove power. The King has to agree to the request before it is a law.

Law And Order

The police, military, and Royal Family are allowed to arrest people. If an arrest was made outside of the Royal Family, the King has to say if the person is innocent, or guilty. If innocent, the person is returned to where they were found. If guilty, the person stays in a holding cell for 3 days, meets with the King, then is held for another 3 days. There is then a court case to vote on the guilty party's punishment. 2 life imprisonments (the guilty party and their closest blood relative stay in prison for the rest of their lives), life imprisonment (the guilty party stays in prison for the rest of their life), forced servitude (being a personal attendant of the Royal Family), and the death penalty (death by electric chair or drowning) are legal punishments. After a week, the King may choose to change the punishment without a vote. Every year, there is a King-Criminal-Criminal's Choice meeting where the criminal can choose a person, then the criminal, King, and chosen person have a meeting. The chosen person cannot be another criminal or another Royal.

Foreign Relations

There used to be occasional emails with the Republic of Molossia.


The 5 branches are the Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, and Air Force. The Army is on the ground, Marines are both on water and land, the Navy is on the water, the Coast Guard is the river and bay police, and the Air Force is in the air. At the age of 30, every commoner (Not Royalty or Royal Guard) has to do military service for 3 years, or else there would not be a strong military. You can choose which branch you want to go into. There have been no conflicts so far.


There are no imports or exports. There aren't any industries. There is an income tax rate of 10% annually.



Pashtosas are paper money. They are named after the First King's favourite food, pasta. It is abbreviated to MKP.

  • Symbols on the top left and the bottom right
  • Numbers on the top right and the bottom left
  • An image of Her First Majesty in the middle
  • Minaminese flag on back


Rashtosas are paper money. They are named after the First King's favourite food, raspberries. It is abbreviated to MKR.

  • Number on Front
  • * on back with dot in every space.

Exchange Rate

1 Pashtosa = 100 Rasposas

Culture And Media


There is an interesting education system. Dropping out is illegal until the age of 27, when you finish your school. School starts at the age of 5. The school year begins on the 1st of September and ends on the 31st of October. You might be thinking: 66 days?! That's not a lot of time! But... 66 days, 24 HOURS A DAY, NO WEEKENDS, NO BREAKS, AND MEALS ARE SERVED IN CLASS. That comes out with 1440 hours of school. That is more than a typical school year in the US (1420 hours). The required classes are math, science, European history, Minaminese, English, and the Royal Family. A long time in less time. Amazing! After the school year, there are 305 days (In a leap year, 306) of summer break!


There is 1 official language: Minaminese. Minaminese is a language that combines British English, German, and other custom words.

The Arts

Art could be done at any time. You are allowed to sell it.

The Press

There is freedom of the press.


On TV, there is regular TV, and paid programs like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus...

Fast Facts

Fast Facts
Capital City Royals
Largest city Royals
Official Language Minaminese
Official Religion N/A (Secular)
Short Name Minaminoo
Demonym Minaminese
Government Absolute Hereditary Monarchy
King King Marzi Ute I
First-In-Line Head of the Royal Guard
Legislature Executive
Established 2016
Area Claimed 800 Square Feet
Population 2 (2022)
Currency Pashtosa
Time Zone (UTC)-4
National Sport Tape Game
National Animal Dog
Patron Saint N/A


There is a of List Of Laws, Constitution, and Declaration of Independence.