Kingdom of Luana

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Kingdom of Luana

Steag normal.png
Stema de Stat.png
Coat of Arms

Nihil Sine Spe!
Trăiască Regele!
Territories of the kingdom
Capital cityIslo (Crâng Prefecture)
Largest cityBozioru
Official language(s)Romanian,
Official religion(s)Eastern Orthodoxy
Short nameLuana
DemonymLuanian (English)
Luan (Romanian)
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- KingAlessandro I
LegislatureNational Assembly
Established21 February 2021
Area claimed? m
Time zoneEET
EEST (summer time)

Website of Luana

The Luanian Kingdom, (Romanian: Regatul Luanei), also known as the former LRA, is a Romanian micronation founded on the 21st of February 2021 by His Majesty, Alesssandro I. It currently claims two regions, surrounded entirely by Romania.

The nation is a Monarchy led by the King . Luana is divided in prefectures, cities and communes(communes being divided in villages).

On the micronational stage, Luana has diplomatic relations with multiple countries.

The official ideology of Luana is luanism Luanism wants:

  • A community where everyone is happy, everything necesary for a living is always in reach. The wellbeing of citizens is a top priority.
  • A community where there is liberty to do what you want, but as long as the rules and laws are respected. Crimes are punished severely to discourage anyone from doing them.
  • A community where everyone is well educated. Where there is no discrimination of any kind, there are no hooligans vandalising everything. A community where everyone has respect for eachother and everyone looks out for eachother.
  • A community where our planet is a top priority, ecology and recycling are guaranteed in a luanist community.
  • A community where you can always get a good job, so there is no need for you to leave for a better life, but anyone from outside can come in the community for a better life.
  • A community that is united and strong under one Monarch, the Monarch will inspire people and will lead the country with the help of a Government and a National Assembly.
  • A community where everyone has a chance, healthcare is free for citizens as long as they pay a very small fee every month.


Luana only holds historically luanian territories and some parts of Buzau, a nearby city where many luanians reside. We don't need land, we just want to meet our goals, and just a simple garden would be enough.


(Left to right): Fill in here

Our history starts in the mountains of buzau in the prehistoric times, where our luanian ancestors found home, near the nowadays city of Bozioru. Dating from that period are also some beautiful collections of weird shaped rocks, who some may say look like fallen small UFO's, near the prehistoric settlement.

The name of Luana has two legends, one is that the god those prehistoric luanians worshipped was named Luana, and the other one is that Luana was a very smart king of our ancient ancestors, who would wash the wounded with the water from a nearby water source who was known to do miracles. We prefer the second legend.

The legends are many but the history we actually know starts around the 1800's, where our luanian people already left the initial settlement and established small towns very nearby, only some people still cared about the luanian traditions and about the luanian past, most people have already forgotten by the end of the Napoleonic Wars.

Many people of luanian descent died in both World Wars and we honor them, even though most of them didn't know they were luanian, and some of them weren't even living near the original settlement anymore.

During the romanian communist regime, the old luanians who still cared about our traditions were sent to prison, where they would be tortured and killed for being monarchists. The luanians were known for being monarchists because during the monarchy, you would be able to practice your luanian regional traditions freely, and you could teach the kids about their descent without anyone interfering, but during communism our traditions were opressed, even though they were very similar to Romanian ones.

Fast forward to recent years, everyone forgot about Luana and our traditions, only some old people are left that have told their stories. Tudor Alessandro and some of his friends or colleagues found out about the legends and also found out that some of them might originate from near Bozioru, thus confirming their luanian descent. Alessandro had confirmed his luanian descent first and wanted to do something to revive the luanian traditions and established a micronation, through that micronation bringing back the ancient Kingdom of Luana. He was crowned King and the micronation lived on for almost 2 years.

The members of the micronation and the King informed themselves and found out that there still is a descendant of the romanian kings and as a sign of gratitude for when they could express their traditions freely, they thought of offering the Queen, Margareta the throne of Luana until She can lead Romania. So they did, the Kingdom of Luana dissolved and the Luanian Royal Administration was formed, where the former King would be the Head of the Administration, second in command after the Queen.

Very recently the Kingdom of Luana was brought back because we need to put the luanian people above all other goals, though our respect for the Romanian Monarchy is still imense.

Modern History

A simple history of changes from the founding of the New Kingdom of Luana

15.01.2021 - The L.R.A. is dissolved

21.01.2021 - The (New) Kingdom of Luana is formed officially, declaring independence on the same day.


The Executive Power of Luana belongs to the King and his Government.

The Legislative Power of Luana belongs to the King and the National Assembly, but because of not enough citizens the assembly is currently closed and the legislative power goes to the Government also.

The government in Luana is led by His Majesty, the King , who shares his executive power with his ministers.

As written in the Constitution of Luana, The king can enact his absolute power two times a year, if needed (chaos situations, war, revolutions, etc.) If the king chooses to enact his absolute power (though he is advised not to at all times, to avoid abuse of power, if he activates his power that means there is a really bad situation going on) he has absolute power (all of the executive power to himself, and a quarter more legislative power) for a period of 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the situation.

His Majesty's Government

Office Name
Minister of External Affairs Damian Alexandru Gabriel
Minister of the State and Justice Under Collective Administration (There is no minister)
Minister of National Defense Under Collective Administration (There is no minister)
Minister of Finances and Economy Under Collective Administration (There is no minister)
Minister of Education and Research Under Collective Administration (There is no minister)
Minister of Environment and Agriculture Under Collective Administration (There is no minister)
Minister of Sport and Youth Filipache Radu Valentin

Security and Defense

Luanian Royal Order

In Luana there isn't a police force and a defense force, there is the Order force. The Luanian Royal Order is a militarized police, like a Gendarmerie, that while at peace performs policing duties and other peaceful military duties, but when at war acts as a military force. It is under the joint command of the Ministry of State and Justice and the Ministry of National Defense. The King is the Supreme Commander of the Order.

Service of Information and Security

The Royal Service of Information and Security is the national intelligence and security agency in Luana. It is subordinated directly to the King.


The official currency of the country is the RON.


Flag of Luana

The official flag of Luana is the Flag of Luana.


Luana's culture is Romanian culture with luanian regional traditions. There is a proccess right now that involves reviving past luanian traditions or making new ones.


Eastern Orthodoxy

The main religion of Luana is Eastern Orthodoxy.


There is only one citizen that is Catholic in Luana

National symbols and holidays

The national symbols of Luana are:

  • The National coat of arms

Stema Regala.png Greater coat of arms

Stema de Stat.png Middle coat of arms

Stema Mica.png Lesser coat of arms

The 3 versions are used as the following:

* The Greater coat of arms is used on the documents issued by the Monarch and official international documents.
* The Middle coat of arms is used by the authorities of the state.
* The Lesser coat of arms is used for seals and official stamps.


The official holidays (not religious) are:

  • National Day (21 February)
  • Work Day (1 May)
  • Monarchy Day (10 May)
  • Children's Day (1 June)
  • National Mourn Day, Veteran Rememberance, Russian occupation mourning (24 August)
  • Romanian Day (1 December)
  • Mihai I Rememberance Day (5 December)

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Luana is divided in the following prefectures:

Prefectures of Luana
Coat of Arms Prefecture Prefecture


Prefecture Seat Cities Communes Prefect
Crangp.png Crâng Prefecture CR Islo Hațeg,

Aleron, Islo



Vrancea Ionut Catalin
Penteleup.png Penteleu Prefecture PT Bozioru Bozioru Gura Teghii