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#REDIRECT [[Lilylandia]]
{{Infobox nation
|name = Empire of Lilylandia (eng)<br>Kaiserreich von Lilylandia (de) 2014-2018
|image1 = [[File:LilylandiaFlag1.png|150px]]<br>[[National symbols of Lilylandia#Flag|Flag]]
|image2 = [[File:LCoat.png|150px]]<br>[[National symbols of Lilylandia#Coat of arms|Coat of arms]]
|motto = '''FUR DER BROTHERLAND!'''
|anthem = ''[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81Vzxng5iNA Edelweiss]''
|capital = [[Rondon]]
|largest_city = [[Rondon]] <small>(by land area)</small><br>[[Rondon]] <small>(by population)</small>
|languages = English, Deutsch
|demonym = Lilylandian
|government = Constitutional parliamentary monarchy
|head of state = [[Kaiser]]
|head of government = [[The Office of The Chancellor of Lilylandia|Prime Minister]]
|3rd_h = [[Deputy Prime Minister]]
|hos_name = [[Maximilian I|HIH Maximilian I]]
|hog_name = [[Duffy (Lilylandia)|Duffy (D)]]
|3rd_h_name = ''Vacant''
|legislature = [[Parliament of Lilylandia]]
|established = July 7th [[2013]]
|population = 1.5k (Recognized Citizens: 15-30)
|currency = [[w:German Mark|German Mark]]
|web = []
The '''Empire of Lilylandia''' is a micronation founded on December 17, 2014. Having at least claimed a whole neighborhood. With that they are expanding as faster then ever. The current Queen is HIM Maximilian I The 6th Emperor of Lilylandia.
Lilylandia was formed from small tribes in 2013 creating the independent Kingdom of Lilylandia. Lilylandia then began to dive immediately into action, drama, and politics.
===The Socialist Rise===
When Lilylandia first formed it was the Republic of Doggenburg. That soon fell due to economic collapse and reformed into the Kingdom. The Kingdom began to boost morale in the armed forces allowing for an empire to easily form. Back in 2015 there was only one party, the socialist, led by Maximilian. Maximilian led the Socialist Party until early 2017 when it was officially banned. In Earlier 2016, Ayden Speiter became Prime Minister of the small Kingdom and began to rule with an iron fist. He would stop anyone in his way from destroying the socialist party. [[File:Ayden_Speiter.png|thumb|left|250px|Ayden Speiter]]
His party then immediately starting hunting after people who were against him and his regime. Conservatives, Opposition Leaders, and Resistance members. But even when Ayden was hunting down so called "enemies of the state", Resistance Leader, [[Bailey von Hindenburg]], helped hijack telegrams, bombed local news outlets, and much much more. Ayden never caught Mr. von Hindenburg.
Ayden continued to suppress the former national religion, Christianity. Many Christians were exiled and/or went into hiding. The Speiterist Regime was very strict in its formality against the people. It almost succeeded for the first time making Lilylandia into a Socialist State. It continued to destroy individuality in Lilylandia. But soon speiter would meet his downfall.
===The Fall of Speiter===
On February 18, 2017, Ayden Speiter made himself Emperor of The First Lilylandian Empire. The Queen, [[Roxy I of Lilylandia|Roxy I]] felt threatened by this accusation. So she ordered the Military for a Armed Coup. [[Tom Turtleton]] led the troops to surround the palace, allowing for Ayden not to get away. Tom then ordered for tanks to fire onto the left side of the palace, the government headquarters. Ayden's cabinet of ministers was working there. When the tank fired the big bullet into the side of the palace, it made the roof collapse, crushing the cabinet members instantly. Ayden who was asleep woke up by the sound of the tank. Around this time, Her Majesty's Secret Police helped the military in the coup.
The Secret Police stormed the building after the tank shot its tank shell and quickly took Ayden into custody with no problem. Ayden's Guards were arrested also for conspiracy against the royal family. Parliament repealed everything Ayden had done. Ayden was sentenced to exile.
On the way to the border of Lilylandia, Ayden's prison transport vehicle was hijacked by some Socialist Guerrilla Men. They helped Ayden escape and made a revolutionary group called, Soviet Lilylandia. This sparked the beginning of the 1st Lilylandian Civil War.
===Turtleton's Chancellory===
[[Tom Turtleton]] immediately took the oath of office the following day. He declared [[Ayden Speiter]] public enemy number one. The Military secured a peaceful transition into Turtleton's Chancellory. Turtleton immediately setup a new cabinet with [[Edward von Elephänburger]] leading it as the Vice-Kanzler (Vice Chancellor). He then started to post reforms in parliament to allow for a more republican form of government. He then adopted Foxism as the nations idealogy. (Which would later be repealed a few months later)
Turtleton had to fight off a handful of Soviet Lilylandian Armed Forces members. Over half of the Lilylandian Military joined the revolutionary group. Turtleton continued to fight off almost all of the Soviet Lilylandians until the end of his chancellory.
On April 15, 2017, Turtleton resigned as Chancellor due to health reasons.
===The Reign of Elephanburger===
Edward von Elephanburger took office a few days later. He setup a cabinet and Parliament approved it soon after. Elephanburger implemented less merceful military tactics into the military during his chancellory. Turtleton wished for a more merceful way of taking out the Revolutionaries. When Elephanburger implemented more tanks and the Air Corps into the ring of fire, the revolutionaries quickly surrendered.
Elephanburger oversaw the trial of Ayden Speiter when he was taken into captivity. Parliament ordered Speiter to be executed. Only the Supreme Courts could save the mastermind behind the civil war, who destroyed 10s of lives. Ayden Speiter on July 17, 2017, was executed. His last words were, "The fight is not over, until the socialist party falls." The next day, Parliament passed a bill that banned the socialist party and disbanded it. The fight was over.
Elephanburger tried to run for re-election but lost the party nomination to Bailey von Hindenburg.
Hindenburg one the election against Teddy Bearstein, on November 24, 2017, Bailey took office on November 25.
===The Charliyan Wars===
In 2015 tensions began to rise between Duke Taylor I of the House of Wigner over relations in his Duchy Charliya. He officially succeded in the spring of 2015 and created the Charlie Federation. The Charlie Federation began to gobble up small states. Lilylandia felt threatened by this and created it's armed forces. The Royal Army began to engage operations including defending tiny small buffer states from the Charliyans. The Queen, Roxy I created the Her Majesty's Intelligence Services which would later turn into the National Intelligence Agency. The HMIS sent spies into the Charliyan influenced states and Charlie Federation itself.
====The 1st Charliyan War====
Around Summer 2016 after a year of Cold Wars, a diplomatic meeting was held to make undisputed territory a joint base of operations. [[Roxy I of Lilylandia|Roxy I]] liked this idea as it kept her influence in Area 99 (Waynegrad). She just had to deal with internal sturggles with [[Ayden Speiter]] and did not want to have to deal with any other foreign struggles. She liked the idea and it stayed, but only for a week.
Around a week later The Charlie Federation declared war on Lilylandia wishing to reclaim Area 99. A full out war was engaged and troops were sent to area 99 to defend it from the enemy forces. Bailey von Hindenburg was declared Supreme Allied Commander under Chancellor Elephanburger. Realmsmarschal Stitch told all his spies to begin to sting information for the Queen. The Queen sent Her Majesty's Personal Brigade to combat the enemy forces coming to Area 99. Wayne I sent naval marines to take down incoming enemy forces while Porter sent in Her Majesty's Royal Marines to defend off the capital. Lilylandia was definately secure. For Wayne's courageous battle spirit Area 99 was renamed Waynegrad and he was made duke of it.
Taylor said he had a "secret weapon". Immediately the HMIS stinged the information and it turned out he had "turbo tanks" which in his mind were imaginary tanks, when in reality they were just toys. Later in July half of his forces surrendered marking the end of Charliya War I.
====The 2nd Charliyan War====
Taylor would not give up though. He sprang up a week later stronger then before with more rebel insurgents. When they rushed into battle they shouted, "VIVE LE WAYNEGRAD!" So the Waynegrad Resistance was formed fighting against the Imperial Lilylandians.
The Charlie Federation began to supply the Resistance and it's leader Pierre Monsquel, a french mouse from France who immigrated to Canada in the 1990s. The Charlie Federation enjoyed terrorizing the Lilylandian Countryside and frontier. They eventually ramsacked Waynegrad and created a puppet state of the Federation, The Republic of Waynegrad. Wayne I and his family immediately evacuated. The Charlie Federation eventually declared war late July on Lilylandia. The 2nd Charliyan War had started. The Allied Forces, Lilylandia, Samu, and Waynegrad in Exile officially declared war a day later on the Insurgent Forces, Charlie Federation and Waynegrad (renamed to Taylorgrad).
Taylorgrad began sending forces into the Lilylandian frontier making it impossible for the Lilylandians to attack from the west. Lilylandian forces were forced to flee backwards to the Hindenburg Realm. Wayne I sent his Naval Marines to attack the west and began a massive push for Waynegrad. Bailey von Hindenburg and Porter the Great began dealing with the incoming invasion from the east. The Eastern invasion was stronger and had more troops from the Charlie Federation. Taylor appointed his own commander over the eastern wing while he pushed through the north. Lilylandia seemed hopeless, but Edward von Elephanburger boosted morale in Parliament calling on every man from Lilylandia to join up and protect the country. It seemed to work! Lilylandia overnight gained 100 troops which could easily put an end to Taylorgrad.
Taylorgradian forces began to break their offensive lines and were pushed back from their location. Wayne I said when it happened, "I can't believe we are doing it." 2 days later, Taylorgrad surrendered and was renamed back to Waynegrad. Wayne I assumed control over the city and then sent his forces to the Eastern Front.
The Eastern Front forces began to show a break in the forces of the Charliyans. Porter and Hindenburg began to smirk as they both saw what was happening. The Charliyan Forces were falling back! Hindenburg quickly ordered the army to go around and flank them and then force them to surrender. The plan succeded and the main forces surrendered in middle of august.
The final place to capture was Charlie City, the capital of the Charlie Federation. Troops easily surrounded it and a day later Taylor surrenders marking the end of the 2nd Charliyan War. Everyone was cheering in the streets of Rondon and no one had seen so many loses.
Taylor became a puppet governor of Charliya. Charliya seceded all territory to Lilylandia. Lilylandia officially became a Empire.
===The Modern Era===
Chancellor Hindenburg began to post more reforms then Turtleton did. He reformed the entire cabinet. He also reformed government agencies, parliament, and the courts. He also proposed new plans for a more modern Lilylandia, this would be known as The Hindenburg Plan. Bailey continued to form and make [[The Conservative Party (Lilylandia)|The Conservative Party]] great again as it once was when Turtleton was in charge of it.
====The Hindenburg Plan====
On December 7, 2017 Bailey proposed the Hindenburg Plan, which would begin to transform Lilylandia into a republic within 3 years. It proposed for the Parliament to become the Congress and the Courts to become the Supreme Courts. It would form into a mainly two party system.
====The Republic Forms====
On December 27, 2017, [[Republic of Lilylandia|The Republic of Lilylandia]] was unexpectedly formed. Parliament reformed the government into The Republic and the royal family became figureheads on coins, but held no political office. Bailey von Hindenburg proposed [[Maximilian of Lilylandia|Maximilian I]] become the Chairman of the [[Micronational Union]] an alliance between micronations around the globe. The Monarchy was abolished and bailey von Hindenburg proposed that a new President should be instituted, not himself. This gave him the title "The Father of Lilylandia".
====The Republic Fails====
On February 1, 2018 the National Intelligence Agency began an investigation into corruption with The Conservatives. Evidence quickly sprung up against [[Bailey von Hindenburg]], Edward von Elephanburger , and Sir Cheeky (Chair of the Conservatives) on rigging the election charges. According to the NIA, "They have rigged every election since Ayden Speiter in order to keep themselves in power." says NIA-Realmsmarschal Stitch. Edward was charged for "Treason" and sentenced to life in prison. Bailey has yet to be sentenced and is given until February 20, 2018 to resign his position as Prime Miniser. The Hindenburg Plan failed.
====Diplomatic visit to former Prechise, 2018====
On February 10, 2018 [[Maximilian I of Lilylandia|Maximilian I]] visited the former Republic of Prechise. Maximilian was astonished at the ancient history dating back to 2004. One of the former Presidents, Tyler, showed him around. Tyler explained how new nations/clubs started up from nothing to something within a day or two and then died the next week. He also explained how Prechise had many different Presidents and stood the test of time for freedom and democracy. No other micronation had ever done that. Tyler declared that the next generation of micronations, [[Austenasia]], Lilylandia, and even Samu will let the spirit of prechise live on. [[Lily I of Lilylandia|Lily I]] officially declared it as a royal commonwealth, reviving the former state to its glory.
===Milianists Takeover===
On August 25, 2018, The Kaiser stressed his support for milianist revolutionaries. Support grew within hours and the current government was overthrown that night. The Kaiser was abolished, and a new state was formed.
==Government and politics==
The Parliament works with having the Prime Minister in charge of it. and the President gets the laws and decides if they are to veto or not. Agencies like the Ministry of Justice are the Police of the people. Ministry of Defense is in charge of The Armed Forces (Lilylandian Military Forces)
==Law and order==
The Minister of Justice is in charge of the court and law. He or she is the judge and the jury. a Constitution is in the making.
==Foreign relations==
Relations are trying to be set up with Austenasia and many others in the community.
Lilylandia has 3 branches, Navy, Army, and Marines. We also have been in many battles and operations to set other micronations free from the power of the Charlie Federation

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