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Kingdom of Latvania

The Kingdom of Latvania (in Italian: "Regno di Lituvania'') is a micronation founded in May 2018 by King Lorenzo I of Latvania. The Kingdom was founded to secede from the Republic of Italy.

Kingdom of Latvania
BandieraDiLituvania.jpgKingdom of Latvania Coat of Arms.png

Liberty and Justice
Dont Tread On Me (Metallica)
South-East Milan, Italian Peninsula
Capital cityAzalea
Official language(s)Italian, English
Short nameLituvania (Latvania)
DemonymLituvano/Lituvana (Latvanian)
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- KingLorenzo I of Latvania
- Upper HouseSenate
- Lower HouseHouse of Representatives
EstablishedMay 8th, 2018
Area claimed151,76 km²
CurrencyLatvanian Pound
Time zoneUTC +1
National sportCornhole, Baseball
National dishChesapeake Patty
National drinkDr Pepper
National animalCockatiel and Halloween Crab
Patron saintSaint Carlo Borromeo



The name "Latvania" (in Italian: "Lituvania") comes from play of words, which changes accordingly to the language used. In English the name is a union between "Latvia" and "Vania", the name of the Royal Family, while in Italian it's a union between "Lituania" and "Vania" (Lituania being the Italian for "Lithuania"). The reason behind these funny names is merely because of the play of words.


The Kingdom of Latvania was founded in May 8th, 2018, by His Majesty King Lorenzo I of Vania, first King of the nation, as a consequence of the "tyrannical taxes" of the Italian Republic, as the King stated. Before this Kingdom was created, there were discussions regarding the form of Government of the new nation. The options were the Free State of Peschiera Borromeo ("Stato Libero di Peschiera Borromeo" in Italian), a republic, or a Kingdom. The Kingdom was chosen.

The nation isn't recognized yet by any other nation, but despite that, it claims the territory of the whole town of Peschiera Borromeo.

Like most nations, Latvania is dealing with the Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic of 2019-2020. As of September 12, a very little number of citizens is infected, Strict measures are adopted among citizens, using the same guidelines given by the Italian government.

The night of July 15th, 2020 the Congress of Latvania unanimously approved the Union Act, thus annexing the cities of San Giuliano Milanese (renamed San Giuliano Lituvano, becoming the current largest and most populated state in the country), Colturano, Mediglia, Pantigliate, Melegnano, Mediglia, Tribiano, Paullo, Dresano, Vizzolo-Predabissi, Mulazzano, Sordio, Casalmaiocco and San Donato Milanese (renamed San Donato Lituvano) and gave them the status of States. The Union Act substantially increased the country's area and population.

On the night of July 29th, 2020, the King personally approved the flag for the capital city, Peschiera Borromeo Capital District (Azalea was part of the State of Peschiera Borromeo, and was given the special status of Historic Capital).

The Capital City was eventually transfered back in Azalea on November 7th, 2020, becoming a Federal District, with the name of Azalea Capital District.

Geography, climate and environment

The Kingdom of Latvania occupies an area of 151,76 square kilometres (around 58,94 square miles), in the Padan Plain in the northern part of the Italian peninsula.

Most of the Kingdom is composed by cultivating fields, with corn being the most of the production.

Non-urbanized parts of the country are mostly fields, but there's also woodland, and also rivers and lakes (every lake is artificial). The major river is the Lambrenedetto (called "Lambro" in Italy), which is born in the Como province in Italy, comes through Latvania and then goes back to Italy, and it ends in the major Italian river Po. There are two others smaller rivers, called Muzza and Addetta. Both come from the Adda river in Italy.

Wildlife and conservation

Environment protection and maintance are top priorities for the King. A lot of patrols from the Ranger Division of the Home Guards and the Water Patrol take place everyday in order to have a good picture of the state of the wildilfe and nature of the country.

Among the animals categorized as living in the country there are birds like the common pigeon, Eurasian collared dove, Eurasian magpie, many kinds of herons, different kinds of woodpeckers (known for living in the country but never spotted by authorities as of now), little egret, common cuckoo, great tit, common reed bunting, red-backed shrike, white stork, mallard, duck, swan, common kingfisher, pheasant and many other birds like owls.

Reptiles are also very common, especially the common lizard, European green lizard, and different kinds of non-venomous snakes.

Mammals are also really common around the country, as foxes, squirrels, badgers, mice and hares are really common. The State of San Donato Lituvano is full of wild hares roaming around the state, they can be seen in large numbers, especially at night.

The rivers are also very populated by a large numbers of animals. A large number of fish and in particular the Louisiana red crayfish, often observed by the Latvania Ranger Division.

The Flag of the Azalea Capital District.
Map of the different States within the country. Each color represent a non-administrative census region: Northern States (lilac), Midlands (blue), Southern States (green), Deep South (yellow).

Government and Politics

The Kingdom of Latvania is a Constitutional Monarchy and a federation of states, and has a Constitution that was signed by the King and the only other citizen of the country at the time. The power of the government and of the King himself are very limited, since it is the people who decide democratically every issue regarding the politics of the state. The King is actually a representative figure of the nation, but his powers are very limited. There are elections every four year, and every citizen has the right to partecipate and to candidate himself. The last election was held on November 11, 2020.

Despite being democratic and a libertarian country, the first amendment of the Constitution states that the form of government cannot be changed (from the Constitution: "The nation named Kingdom of Latvania is a Costitutional Monarchy, and the form of Government cannot be changed in any way.").

In terms of local governments, the country is divided into 13 states, that are divided into counties.

Foreign Relations

The first diplomatic relation started by Latvania dated April 4, 2020, when the Kingdom was contacted by Regno del Sud.

The Kingdom of Latvania was first offficially recognized by foreign entity on April 7, 2020, when the Republic of Belcity recognized the country, and in return Latvania recognized the Republic, starting its first official foreign relations. The following day, the President of The United Republics of Antarctica, recognized Latvania, becoming also the second to be recognized. Both countries were awarded by Latvania, and decorated with the highest decoration a foreign country can receive from Latvania, the Medal of Friendship.

On April 9, 2020, the Kingdom of Latvania decided to recognize Taiwan and every nation that is a member of the United Nations, with the exception of China, Saudi Arabia and North Korea.

On September 12th, 2020, Latvania officially joined the Inter-micronational Alliance for Cooperation and Development (IACD), recognizing the Commonwealth of Pinang in addition to Belcity.

On September 14th, 2020, the 2019 Recognition Act was ratified in Congress. This paper contains every Latvanian-recognized country, and its status in diplomatic relationship. The government is currently working on a real-time consultable paper on which other countries can rely to see their status.

The country also recognizes the Kingdom of Zubey as a sovereign nation after its entrance in IACD.

On November 23, 2020, the Kingdom of Latvania imposed embargo on the Chinese Communist Party Occupated Zone (as the country does not recognize the People's Republic of China), and didn't allow people from that area to enter into the country, as well as going into occupied China. The country also passed the Integrity Against Communism Act, that changed the way national scientific areas to officially refer to the COVID-19 virus, now called the "Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus".


The King of Latvania is the Commander-In-Chief of the Latvanian Armed Forces, and appoints the Secretary of Defense, who constitutes a group of administration of each branch of the Armed Forces. The Armed Forces are composed of the Army, the Marine Corps, the Air Force, the Waters Patrol and the Home Guards. Latvania has no sea, but her rivers and lakes are guarded by the Waters Patrol. Latvanian Armed Forces are divided into two macrogroups: Warfare Command under the Department of Defense and Homeland Security Command under the Department of Homeland Security. The first group includes the Army, the Marine Corps and the Air Force, and in wartime the Waters Patrol, while the HSC includes the Home Guards and in peacetime the Waters Patrol. During peacetime, every operative from the Army, Marines and Air Force is in a state of reserve, living a de facto private life apart of the scheduled training (each Armed Force has different programs) and the Department of Defense provides for maintainance of equipment and vehicles, other than bases. Home Guards and Waters Patrol members on the contrary are always on duty, guarding government and royal buildings and the country rivers, both for defense purposes and for environment conservation.

The Army also includes the National Guard, which is a specific organized militia provided by every state for their own territorial protection in times of crisis. The National Guard helps the Home Guards with patrol duties and (in the states that border with foreign entities) with homeland security protocols in times of war, and is inactive (apart from scheduled training) in times of peace.

Civilian Militias are allowed in the country, from community militias to private ones.

Law and Order

The second and the third amendments of the Constitution explain the freedom every citizen has, and how order is maintaned in the country.

2nd Amendment: "Every citizen of the Kingdom of Latvania state is equal to the law and is endowed with inalienable rights that allow him to live, to be free and to pursuit happiness. The individual liberties are the most important thing that the state has to duty to defend."

3rd Amendment: "A well-regulated militia of citizens is necessary to delimit or lay down the government in times of internal crisis in which the government does not subscribe to the decisions of the ruling people. In this period the freedom to hold weapons and defend their property is maximum, as a citizen has the right to be free. The freedom to detain weapons is part of the inviolable rights of the second article."


Latvania share cultural roots with the rest of surrounding towns, and with the rest of the Italian peninsula, although it takes elements from different cultures, like the American culture, The most used language is Italian, although most of the citizens can speak proper English with no problem.


The national dish in Latvania is the Chesapeake Patty. A special homemade hamburger prepared with specific ingredients. Although the hamburger is very popular among the citizens, the recipe is secret, and only the Royal Family has access to it. It is often matched with a soft drink, most notably Dr Pepper. This dish is also called the "Flying Burger", because of the two bacon stripes resembling two wings.

A Chesapeake Patty with an ice-cold glass of Dr Pepper.

National Emblems

The Coat of Arms of the nation, is heavily inspired by the Coat of Arms of the City of Peschiera Borromeo, the original territory.

Latvania also has national animals, and they are two animal species and in particular three animals, two cockatiels named Dixie and Dexter and one halloween land crab, called Francis Scott, that sadly passed away.

Dixie and Dexter.


Latvania proudly promotes sport activity. Most of the athlets in the country enjoy practicing their favorite sports, and there are a lot of place where they can do it. Latvania infact, hosts football fields, tennis fields, swimming pools, gyms, a golf club and even two artifical lake, also fishermen can practice in the rivers of the nation.

The national sport though, are Cornhole, a typical American game that the King discoverd with pleasure during his offical tour of the United States Capital City, Washington D.C., in August 2019, and since July 15th 2020, baseball. The most important baseball teams are the "Peschiera Serpents" and the "Mediglia Icemen".

Latvania also promotes eSports, and the national game is Halo. Very often the King organizes Halo tournaments, joined by fellow citizens.


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