Kingdom of Larsonia

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Kingdom of Larsonia
Larsonian Flag.pngLarsonian Crest.1.png

Tolera quo Fidelius (Latin: Endure through Loyalty or Faith)
"Ohh Larsonia"
Earth and many extra terrestrial bodies
Capital cityLocated in the U.S. State of California
Largest cityMars Colony "Mecca of McMahon"
Official language(s)English/American/Vietnamese
Official religion(s)All religions
GovernmentConstitional Monarchy
- KingJeremy of Larsonia
- High CounselorDustin of the Mecca of McMahon
- PresidentBen of Larsonia
LegislatureSenate/House of Representatives
Population44 (as of March 2013)
CurrencyLarsonian Dollar (LD)
Time zone(UTC)

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The Kingdom of Larsonia is a micronation that was founded on August 14, 2012. The Kingdom of Larsonia (KOL) states that "it is a micronation that is a collection of brave souls trying to establish a new country and way of life." Their mission is: "To learn from our past, create a model future, and to establish a group of like-minded people that want to talk about; plan; create, and eventually live on our claimed lands." The KOL is claimed by an apparent loophole in the Antarctic Treaty (where individuals can claim land but not governments), and because of the inaction of the United States of America to make a claim.

The KOL claims that are based on the inaction of the U.S.A. are made because "According to the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, citizens have the right to peaceably assemble and the right to express themselves. Additionally, under the 14th amendment citizens are not to be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process. Moreover, the U.S. signed the Antarctic Treaty in 1959, and does not recognize the land or maritime claims of other states and has not made a claim itself, but has reserved the right to do so.

King Jeremy of Larsonia made his original claims as an individual and being an original citizen of the United States, King Jeremy has the right to any and all land below 60 degrees south on the planet Earth. King Jeremy has been deprived of property that he has claimed because of the inaction of the U.S.A. Since signing the treaty and not acting to claim any land in Antarctica, the U.S.A. has also deprived King Jeremy of the right to peaceably assemble, the right to express himself, and the right to liberty in becoming the owner of this unclaimed land. There have been no other claims to Antarctica based on this school of thought or perception of the law. One could argue that this means that any and all claims made by King Jeremy henceforth could/should be upheld by the highest of courts in the U.S. and will overrule any and all other claims of any original U.S. citizen, current U.S. citizen, or a citizen or former citizen of any other nation/state.

The claim of micronation status has been used as a basis to establish a new government, and also claim other areas such as extraterrestrial bodies.

Law and order

Currently, the only binding law in Larsonia is the Constitution. The Government is not fully operational, which is where the King comes in. The King of Larsonia has full reign in setting up any part of the government that he sees fit. When the point comes where the government is fully operational the King will take a lesser role in the day to day running of the government. One point to note about the "judicial system" in Larsonia, is that there is no death penalty. The King saw fit to abolish this term in the judicial system or any notation of it. The death penalty is against Larsonian views.

Foreign relations

Larsonia currently has one ally which is Killandia. The two countries were at odds in the recent past but have mended ways and are now very strong allies. Larsonia recently annexed the only planet in the Phoenix Dwarf Galaxy that had life on it (Cardonia). Cardonia was a planet in the system "Fuego". Larsonia had claimed the entire galaxy and the Planet Cardonia which was inside the galaxy decided to peacefully join Larsonia, as it just made sense to their people. Larsonia is open to all offers from other nations and micronations for peaceful endeavors and national/micronational unity.


The Larsonian Military is divided into two separate entities, the Navy and the Army. The Larsonian Navy (LN) is headed by Grand Admiral/Arch Duke Bryan Adamson, and the Larsonian Army (LA) is headed by the High-Counselor/Grand Duke/Grand General Dustin of the Mecca of McMahon. Recently Larsonia has been in conflict with a very small micronation named "Killandia". Tensions among the two nations were great during the first part of 2013, and ended peacefully in late March 2013. Grand Admiral Bryan was an important part of the peaceful ending of hostilities between the two nations having shown "Killandia" Larsonia's military prowess during the conflict.

Claimed Lands

This is the Larsonian claim on Mars (Mecca of McMahon is located at the pinpoint and crater system to the West).

Larsonia claims all of Antarctica or any and all land at or below 60 degrees on the planet Earth. Larsonia also claims many extraterrestrial territories, territories in the "Sol" system include:

(2010 TK7) the only known Earth Trojan Asteroid – Renamed Thai-Tang

Colony on the Moon: "Luna Landing" which is located near the south pole of the moon, in, and around the "Shackleton Crater"

Area of Mars and one colony on Mars: Colony "Mecca of McMahon" located at 03.25N 050.27W and encompasses the crater system directly to the West of this point. Mecca of McMahon is the Capitol of the Larsonian claim on Mars.

1 moon of Mars: Phobos

5 asteroids in the asteroid belt to include: Ceres (Capitol "Del-Wang" colony), 4 Vesta, 2 Pallas, 10 Hygiea, and (10537) 1991 RY16 - henceforth renamed "Mini-Ben"

1 Moon of Jupiter: Ganymede (Jupiter III)

The Rings of Saturn and 3 Moons of Saturn: Dione (Saturn IV) Iapetus (Saturn VIII) Phoebe (Saturn IX)

2 Moons of Neptune: Triton (Neptune I) Proteus (Neptune VIII)

The entire Southern hemisphere of Pluto, renamed "Southern Plutopia"

Territories external of the Sol system include:

The entire Phoenix Dwarf Galaxy


This is the first minting of the Larsonian Dollar, a total of 30 were made in the first mint.

The Larsonian Dollar (LD) was created in early 2013 and is currently tied to the U.S. Dollar. Since Larsonia currently has low numbers of its own currency, the U.S. Dollar is accepted along with the LD.

The biggest industry in Earth Larsonia is that of ice. Owning all of Antarctica, Larsonia has plenty of the resource available. Not many nations/business can claim the freshness of the Antarctic Ice of Larsonia, which is why the industry is so prosperous. The second biggest industry is the Space program as Larsonia has more land outside of Earth than on Earth.


Like all micronations, Larsonia is not recognized by the government of any larger country, despite its attempts to be. Larsonia is recognized by other micronations.

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