Kingdom of Hvølksland

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The Kingdom of Hvølksland (Hvølkslandish: Kønarrÿk Hvølksland), also known more simply as Hvølksland, is a micronation located in the United States in southern New Hampshire founded on 16 July 2016 by King Adam I (not to be confused with the monarch of the same name from Überstadt) who is the kingdom's current monarch.

Kingdom of Hvølksland (eng)
Kønarrÿk Hvølksland (hvl)

Hvolksland national flag.png
Hvolksland coat of arms.png
Coat of Arms

Official language(s)English, Hvølkslandish
(de facto, unofficial)
GovernmentConstitutional near-absolute monarchy
- MonarchHis Excellency King Adam I
Established16 July 2016
Area claimed2 bedrooms
CurrencyUS Dollar (de facto, unofficial)
Time zoneUS Eastern Time (UTC-4)