Kingdom of Humberlea

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Kingdom of Humberlea

United we stand.
Capital cityFort Emery
Largest cityEmery City
Official language(s)English, French, Spanish
Recognised languagesEnglish, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish, German
Official religion(s)Christianity, Begelism
Short nameHumberlea
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
- KingNicholas I Lokin
- Prime MinisterYuriy Aleksander
- Number of seats - 5/6
Time zoneEST/EDT
National sportTennis
National animalNorthern Cardinal


The name Humberlea comes from the community which is bordered by the Humber River and was a flat lea, both together which make Humber-lea. The Humber comes from a coastal area in Northern England which comes from Celtic, the word means is theorized to be “Coming Together”.


Commonwealth Era

Start of the Nation

Humberlea started one day when Nicholas Lokin offered to create a new nation for the Matachewan Commonwealth, he knew this nation could not be simulationist like his last few were, so he named it after the community he lived in, Humberlea. Shortly after he made a land claim, which some problems arose with it but eventually after weeks of talking it was limited to the smallest deal Humberlea proposed.

Matachewanian Commonwealth

With Humberlea's main purpose being to be a Matachewan commonwealth-state, it's no surprised Humberlea played a big influence in the commonwealth. With this Humberlea had a few problems, as it attracted Yedinists who wanted a foothold in the commonwealth as they knew Humberlea was new and had almost no citizens, so it was time to strike.

Yedinist Immigration

With a weak population, the yedinists decided to mass immigrate to improve their influence inside of the kingdom, this would result in the O'Hair government gaining power with a large support from the population. Later Matachewan decided to fight fire with fire, creating a massive divide in the nation, half Matachewanian, half New Prussian and Etukaran.

O'Hair Government and Pre-Humberlea Civil War

Being made. With a massive divide in the population, nothing was going well, fights broke out in multiple of the discord servers channels, the parliament was collapsing and fighting each other, bills being proposed to take down each the other, O’Hair banning multiple citizens from the country, all that was needed was something to make this fire explode, and then, the February Elections.

Humberlea Civil War

With the February elections, more Yedinists and Matachewanians were joining then ever, Prime Minister O'Hair versus a newcomer, but Matachewanian, Aleksander, with so many Matachewanians coming in, and the Yedinists losing a grip, Yuriy Aleksander won the elections, O'Hair Speaker of Parliament and Christopher Miller back in, O'Hair was mad, he demanded Christopher be removed again, when King Nicholas put his foot down and said no, O'Hair had enough, he began to delete channels in the discord server, one by one, until all of channels that he could see were gone, he was banned on the spot, all of his fellow party members detained, Humberlea had to rebuild.

Resurgence Day

With the server destroyed, it was time to rebuild and come out from the rubble, so the country began to rebuild on a united front, due to O'Hair's actions yedinists in the region began to leave due to a bad treatment from the citizens, the country had built from almost nothing, the day the most work was done was decided to be called Resurgence Day, the King declared it a national holiday. Though the country had rebuilt, the activity had not, the server was inactive from onward until after the Commonwealth Era had ended, 2 months of nothing had begun.

End of the Commonwealth

A few months after trying to get the server active again, all with fail, at this point King Nicholas, Emperor Brandon and Grand Premier Brendan all agreed the commonwealth had served it's life, and now it would be time to end it, for some reason this would spark the activity after Nicholas asked the population if they wanted to get active again, finally, it was time for Humberlea to reign again, finally, Humberlea was back!

April Era

Creation of Twitter, Wiki and the Elections

This is happening right now.



Name Logo Chairman Members Coalitions Parliament Prime Minister
Humberlean Loyalist Party N/A Yuriy Aleksander 5 None
2 / 6
1 / 1
Humberlean-Matachewanian Front
Brandon Mierzwa 2 Conservative Coalition
2 / 6
0 / 1
Nationalist Humberlean Front Robert Smith 1 Conservative Coalition
1 / 6
0 / 1