Kingdom of Formicad

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Federal Kingdom of Formicad
Flag of Formicad.pngCoat of arms of Formicad.png

Currit iter bellum cum formicis!
[March of the Fire Ants]
Capital cityFederal City of Ontshire
Largest cityDamascus
Official language(s)English Pharamones
Official religion(s)Queenisam
GovernmentFederal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
- KingWilliam I
- Prime MinisterCharles Bono
- General SecretaryEthan Everest
LegislatureGeneral Assembly
- Type - Unicameral Parliament
- Number of seats - 6
Established3rd March 2019
Area claimed~ 2.31 square miles
Population13 (cencus as of 3/28/19)
(Ants make up 1 million of the population)
CurrencyUS Dollar ($) for International Trading/ Ant Credit (Ø) for in border purchases.
Time zoneUTC-CST
National animalAnt

Official Website

The Federal Kingdom of Formicade (FKF), commonly known as the Federal Kingdom or Formicad, is a country composed of 4 principalities that agreed to exist semi-autonomously under a single central government. The Kingdom was found March 13th 2019 under King William I and Prime Minister Charles Bono. The Federal Kingdoms Government is that of a Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy.


In March 3rd 2019, King William I and Prime Minister Charles Bono co-founded the Federal Kingdom of Formicad. Based in Arkansas the Federal Kingdom opted to run small Principalities within multiple enclaves instead of opting for large swath of territory. This decision will make it easier to enforce rules and laws of the Kingdom.

King William I




The Executive branch of the government is made up by the King, Prime Minister, and Executive Departments. As the King he is the Head of State but hold little power in his executive function, some of his power are to appoint the Prime Minister (With approval of the General Assembly), appointing Ministers and vetoing powers(Vetos can be overturned by the General Assembly). The Prime Minister holds most of the Executive Powers, even though the king appoints the Ministers the Prime Minister over sees and leads the Executive Ministries. The Prime Minister also holds a tie braking vote for the General Assembly.


The Legislative branch is made up of the General Assembly and is headed by the General Secretary of the General Assembly. Each principality gets a minimum of 1 representative but no more the 3 representative. The amount of representatives are based on population. More seats maybe added to the General Assembly if it is required.


The Judicial branch is made up of the Supreme Court. Judges are appointed by the Minister of Justice.

Government Positions

Top Government Positions.

Type Head of State Head of Goveremnt Lead Legislator
Position name


The Economy of Formicad is based on Ants. The estimated value of ants to USD is 16 cent per ant. The Inflation rate is based on the spawning rate of ants. It as been deemed infeasible to carry bottles of ants for trade, so a paper currency called a Ant Credit is used.


The His Majesty Royal Forces are made up for 5 branches, Army, Navy, Aerospace Force, Special Forces, and Forces Special. Mandatory conscription of all citizens starting at the age of 12 is in effect.