Kingdom of Elava

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Kingdom of Elava
Flag of Elava
Coat of arms of Elava
Coat of arms
Official languagesEnglish
ReligionNo state religion
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• His royal majesty
Harrison D.G
• Prime minister
Independence from the Kingdom of Sweden
• Declared
20 October 2020
• Estimate
8 (Includes citizens living abroad)
CurrencyElavan crown
Time zoneUTC +2
Date formatYYYY/MM/DD / DD/MM/YYYY

Elava, formally known as the The Kingdom of Elava, is a self-declared independent nation-state, referred to as a micronation. It is located in the south of Sweden in the county of Skåne. It was founded on the 20th of October 2020 with the signing of its Ex Codice Elava (its founding document).


Elava's name takes inspiration from the Elysian Fields, also known as Elysium. Elysium is a kind of heaven for the heroic and virtuous in Greek mythology.

The nation's currency, the Elavan Crown, takes its name from the currencies of the nordic countries, which are also names Crowns. They chose this name to pay tribute to the heritage of the country, being located in Sweden.

The demonym of Elavian is used for citizens, but for everything else, Elavan is used. An example is the 'royal Elavan cyberforce', as opposed to the 'royal Elavian cyberforce'. The now closed 'Elavian Academy' was an exception to this, altough as stated it is now closed.


Republic Era

Elava was founded on the 20th of October 2020 with the signing of the Ex Codice Elava. During its first week, the nation underwent a lot of new laws and policies, even some small changes to the Ex Codice Elava itself. On November fifth the Animo Elava, Harrison I, announced that the Ex Codice Elava would not function as its constitution. Instead, it will be classified as their founding document. The reason for this was the formatting of the Ex Codice Elava did not allow for this to be done with the ease it could with a proper constitution document.

Monarchic Restoration Era

On May 20 2021, the then Consul and Animo Elava, Harrison I, declared the country a monarchy with the '2021 Royal Decree of Conversion to Monarchy' act. The act saw all diplomatic relations, all dukedoms and the democratic constitution nulled. This was the start of the monarchic restoration era, named so since it's the when Elava worked to regain their foreign relations and internal functions as before the conversion to monarchy.

The monarch swore in a prime minister on April 29th. This was done as allowed by the constitution that was at that time worked on. The prime minister was not relinquished of their duties once the constitution was scrapped, instead they are serving the rest of their term.

One considerable change that has occured in the current monarchic era is that the nation's policy on micronational militaries changed. During the republic era, a military was deemed a waste of time and resources. This changed during early July 2021 as a 'royal Elavan armed forces' was established and the Royal Elavan Cyberforce was incorporated into the new military.

In late July, the king decided to stop working on a constitution, instead deciding on ruling by absolute power. The reason for the abandonment of the constitution was simply because it was deemed to be too much work for something that would only make it harder and more complicated to execute the micronational vision of the king. The constitution might be picked up again when Elava is considerably much more established and the King does not want as much of an involved ruling style.

Politics and government

Elava is an absolute monarchy. The king however appoints ministers and other government positions to help him. Currently there are two ministers, the minister of foreign affairs and the minister of finance.

Foreign relations

Elava is currently rebuilding their formal foreign relations as all diplomatic treaties between other nations were nulled in their conversion to monarchy.

Mutual recognition treaty between the state of Vishwamitra and the Kingdom of Elava.

Elava is a member in the Sough Convention on Climate Change (SCCC, 2020), and is one of the initial signatory nations. They have also gained entry into the Cupertino Alliance as an observer state.

Foreign relations of Elava
Name Date (first treaty) Type of relations
Constitutional Republic Of Libertas 2021-05-03 Mutual recognition, Recognition of neutrality
Labloibia 2021-05-03 Mutual recognition
Rovia 2021-05-06 Mutual recognition
The United Kingdom of Korea 2021-06-16 Mutual recognition
State of Vishwamitra 2021-07-06 Mutual recognition


The Kingdom of Elava's military is the 'Royal Elavan Armed Forces'. It is made up of three branches, the 'royal army', the 'royal Navy' and the 'royal airforce'. It also has another military branch that is called the 'royal Elavan cyberforce'. or commonly called the 'REC'. The REC was founded to protect Elava in the digital age that micronations exist in. But it has more purposes than that, the REC works not only for Elava but tries to protect micronationalism as a whole.

There is currently only one military regiment in Elava. It is the '1st armed guns', it is commanded by lieutenant Moataz.

King Harrison I is the commander in chief of the military in Elava

The kingdom has a virtual navy, the Royal Elavan Virtual Navy. Which functions in the game of Stormworks: Build and rescue, in the name of the kingdom. The virtual navy is completely dispatched from any other military organisation in Elava and is only for fun.

Geography and climate

The Elavan mainland is located in Malmö, Skåne, Sweden. Being close to the coast it is windy and somewhat cold, although it can still get very warm in summer.

Elava has smaller territorial claims all around the world with varying climate.


As of now, Elava does not have any industry. But it does have a bank and currency, the Elavian crown. There is a state run central bank that handles all eventual monetary transactions within Elava. The minister of finance also work to handle the central bank and help encourage any eventual trade.

External links

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