Kingdom of Drastharaya

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Federal Monarchy of Drastharaya
Federasi Monarki Drastharaya


Beriman, Bersatu, Berjaya
Faithful, United, Victorious
Capital cityDrasthapura
Largest cityNarisworo City
Official language(s)Indonesian
Official religion(s)Islam
Short nameDrastharaya
GovernmentFederal absolute monarchy
- KingPrabu Drastharaya I
LegislatureParliament of Drastharaya
Established20 October 2014
Time zoneUTC +7

Federal Monarch of Drastharaya (Bahasa Indonesia: Federasi Monarki Drastharaya) is an Indonesian micronation established in 20 October 2014. The federation is a result of unification of five kingdoms, Arkapura, Zetacastle, Omahkulon, Green Nauli, and Bangsamoro Darussalam. Established as an absolute monarchy, the kingdom is ruled by Tian Abdurrahman on his regnal name "Sri Baduga Maharaja Prabu Drastharaya I".

Administrative divisions

This is the list of the states inside Drastharaya and its divisions.

  1. Federal Capital Territory of Drasthapura
    1. Territory of Drasthapura Utara (In Nauli)
    2. Territory of Drasthapura Barat (In Arkapura)
    3. Territory of Drasthapura Timur (In Arkapura)
  2. Kingdom of Arkapore
    1. City of Arkapura
    2. Settlement of Drawakarta
    3. Settlement of Burjstan
    4. Settlement of Barakstan
    5. Settlement of Salaka
    6. Settlement of Balungbang
  3. Green Nauli Kingdom State
    1. City of Daulah Tuanku
    2. State of North Nauli
    3. State of South Nauli
    4. State of East Nauli
    5. State of West Nauli
  4. Federal Monarchy of Omahkulon
    1. City of Narisworo
    2. Settlement of Kulonan
    3. Settlement of South Kulonan
    4. Settlement of Kandangan
    5. Settlement of Pojok
  5. Special Territory of Bangsamoro Darussalam
  6. Special Territory of Zetacastle