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Kingdom of Carolina Arabia

The Kingdom of Carolina Arabia is a micronation founded on April the 10th of 2013 and has been in existence since then un-noted due to various internal conflicts of Leadership in the Kingdom.

Kingdom of Carolina Arabia

لا إله إلا الله، محمد رسول الله (Arabic: There is no god but God; Muhammad is the messenger of God)
نشيد/أغنية : واحشنا يارسول الله مجموعة بنات ينشدن بصوت عذب جميل جداً
Downtown High Point, NC.jpg
High Point, North Carolina, United States
Capital cityHigh Point
Largest cityHigh Point
Official language(s)English (Official), Arabic (Official), Urdu and various others.
Official religion(s)Islam (Official), Christanity (Official), Judaism (Official).
Short nameCarolina Arabia
GovernmentUnitary Islamic absolute monarchy
- CaliphLuke Mallicoat
- CaliphLuke Mallicoat
LegislatureNone (Legislation passed by the Council of Ministers)
Area claimed139,390 km (Whole of North Carolina)
Population27 (as of 2016 census)
CurrencyCarolina Arabian Dollar
Time zone(-5 GMT)
National sportFootball (Soccer)
National animalCat
This nation is a member of the Example Organisation

None currently.



The name of The Kingdom of Carolina Arabia came from a combination of Saudi Arabia and North Carolina. The names were mixed together and "North" and "Saudi" was removed. As of currently. It stands as Kingdom of Carolina Arabia due to hopes of uniting both South and North Carolina under the Crown of the Arabian Kingdom.


The Democratic Republic of Carolina Arabia was originally found on April 10th, 2013 by President Farhan Affiah. The start of the Republic was a great and notable one and spreaded throughout numerous Masjid's in the State of North Carolina as a way to get Muslim Youth in to Politics. A mock-up currency and passport was created and issued and was used as a currency in some Masjid's for a short time period until June 4th. President Farhan Affiah passed away at the age of 43 of natural causes. A election was held a week later after funeral proceedings of the Former President. The elections came to be with the victory of Madam President Aabidah Hassan. Effectively becoming the first Palestinian Female Muslim President of the Democratic Republic at the age of 17. Following the successful election. Madam President Hassan made sweeping changes through the country and as the country grew from the original 5 members. It grew to 14 members and a congress of 4 people was formed. The Congress met weekly on Fridays after Jummah services to discuss problems concerning the nation. Madam President Hassan resurrected the old system that Former President Affiah had set up in the Republic with like before, great success. Following a year of Madam President Hassan's rule. Her term came to a end and what begun next was a strenuous election year which officially never ended to some citizens of the Republic. By now, the republic had fourty citizens and a larger congress then before. Luke Mallicoat, a member of the Islam First Party stated he was running for election in the Republic which caused some members dismay due to the Monarchist Party's platform. The election became intense and more heated then the previous election of 2014. After the election ended in October of 2015. It was a tie. Due to Luke Mallicoat holding a position within the Congress. He voted in favor of a recount which surprisingly ended in his victory and so. The Kingdom of Carolina Arabia was born with Luke Mallicoat anointing himself as Caliph of the newly formed Kingdom.

Government and politics

The Kingdom of Carolina Arabia is a Unitary Islamic absolute monarchy governed under a fair constitution. The Caliph serves as both head of state and head of government with no Prime Minister or heirs to the throne as of yet.

Law and order

Currently under construction.

Foreign relations

The Kingdom of Carolina Arabia has a free and active policy on its foreign affairs, which means that the Kingdom of Carolina Arabia shall be active in all intermicronational activities, and its exisence should not be threatened by another nation.


Currently. No military exists for the Kingdom of Carolina Arabia however plans are in order to form a army which will be called "The Islamic Army of Carolina Arabia".

Geography and climate

Entire Kingdom of Carolina Arabia territories are landlocked. Carolina Arabia territories consist of the state of North Carolina, which is entirely in the USA. Carolina Arabia has very hot summers and snowy winters.


Currently under construction.


Currently under construction.


All media is handled by the Kingdom of Carolina Arabia Journal which is a free-press operated by former Madam President Aabidah Hassan who is also Caliph Luke Mallicoat's secretary.